Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Tis the Season.‏ 12/22/14

-Planning properly produces proper possibilities.
-Christ is Christmas.


Christmas is coming! Surprisingly, loads of people we talk to on the street are not excited. Not surprisingly, they don't understand the significance of Christ's birth. It's all about the shopping in Torbay.

This week we did a lot of planning and went to work. We went through all of the less actives of the ward list, organized them into areas, and then made plans to share the He is the Gift video with as many of them as possible. We wanted to reach the standard of excellence for the mission of 20 lessons each week, and it has seemed impossible so far. Our record was 14 before this week. The video and less active grouping seemed like the best way to do this. Each night for planning I took the time to see what street each person was on and map out a route to stop by each of them in the area in a loop so we don't have to run around. Saturday we had a list of four different areas with around 5 names in each area. It was exhausting but it felt so good when we got back to the flat, counted it up and we had 7 lessons in one day. Sunday we went up to one area with a list of more than a dozen people to stop by. We were hoping for big things but we realised on the bus ride back we were one short of 20. So we stopped by “C’s” and read 2 Nephi 32. It's a solid chapter with only 9 verses. When we got home we were shattered. Planning p-day we were thinking we'd just stay home and lounge around. Then the other Elders called and we decided the usual football sounds like more fun so we'll head up there soon.

I hope that these lessons did as much for the people as it did for our accounting, but either way it gave us so much determination to go see loads of people and share something every chance we had.

I am grateful for the opportunity to experience Christmas as a missionary. My eyes are opened more and more as I learn about it. I spoke in church Sunday about Christmas' meaning to me. Although I had a week to prepare, the only thing I thought of before Sunday was about humility. I knew I wanted to share something about how humble His birth was but I couldn't decide. I continued to think about it all week but then even Sunday morning I only had fragments of ideas (D&C 84:85). By sacrament meeting, the third hour, I had a plan. I scribbled it out while we sat on the bench to pass the sacrament and then slipped it into my classy English slim suit.

I briefly explained that when I was a child Christmas meant the same thing for me as it did for most kids. It's all about the presents! Then I illustrated how I slowly learnt the joy of making others happy by giving meaningful gifts, gifts of love. I proceeded to explain how the experience of Christmas as a missionary has changed it for me. Hopefully my writing can help you relate to my two main points.

Christ's birth is the epitome of humility.

His mother and His mother's husband were each descendants of King David. He was fit to be a king. The Jewish people anxiously awaited their Messiah to come in glory to establish the kingdom. He would establish peace (Isaiah 9:6). But who would the King of Heaven and Earth first be manifested to? People in authority of the church or kings? Neither, the first to know were shepherds watching over their flocks by night.

There was a massive influx in population due to the laws of the census being taken, so all of the inns were full. He was born in a manger for animals, but it's likely not even a wooden structure but a limestone cave commonly used in the area (Jesus the Christ, James E. Talmage, p.69). He was wrapped in rough, cheap, swaddling clothes. The contrast between His birth and how it would have happened to a newborn prince at the time is dramatic.

He continued to live his life in perfect humility. Although He would perform the most important event for all of mankind, his life was never one of glory. He walked with the poor, the sick, and the afflicted. Gaining an understanding for His humility has helped me understand how I should treat my calling as a representative of Him. I wear His name but that should make me even more humble if anything.

Another main connection I made was how true the Book of Mormon is (#mormonmissionary). The law of witnesses states, "In the mouth of two or three witnesses shall every word be established" (2 Corinthians 13:1). There are TWO books that prophesied of Christ's coming. Isaiah prophesies in the Old Testament. Nephi, King Benjamin, Alma, and Samuel prophesy of His coming in the Book of Mormon.

In the birth story, the shepherds are the Old Testament. They were sent to tell all the people but without a second witness, some people might not believe their tale. The wise men, or kings from another land, are the Book of Mormon. It clarifies and testifies of truth. I'm not sure if that made sense but it was like a light bulb went on for me. I was really excited! haha

I will miss you all this week but I am grateful for your support. I know you love me. I appreciate the cards, mail, and Christmas ornaments. If the parcel with the tree in it would arrive I might hang them up... haha! I also want to thank Heather and the Mattingleys for each sending me FHE ideas about how modern Christmas items remind us of Christ. I was sceptical when the first one came but the second witness testified of truth. ;) Dang missionary jokes are dry... 

Anyway, I am blessed to be away from home for Christmas to learn more of it's meaning, and appreciate Christmas more in the future. That'll be here in the blink of an eye though because it feels like I just flew out last week. Skype ya later!


Elder Price

Monday, December 15, 2014

How can I be lonely when I'm never alone? 12/15/14

Christmas is coming!
The mission was able to attend the temple in three different shifts this week. We left Wednesday, took a bus to Totnes and a train to Plymouth where our zone would get picked up to go to the temple. The coach had to go pick up the Bristol Zone on the way their so we arrived at the temple accommodations around ten. We had breakfast in the morning, checked out, bought some stuff at the Distribution Centre, and then Elder Oleson and I went and found a picnic table to study at on the temple grounds. It was serene. 

The Lord blessed me with a special tender mercy in the temple. Coincidences are mini miracles and this was a small miracle to help me recognise the potential our investigators have. Earlier in the week I was thinking about how sad it is how many members go inactive, so this reminded me how much influence one baptism can do.

There were multiple variables that had to align in order for this to happen. We were queued up after changing and a few missionaries in front of me left to go use the toilets. Then the temple worker that I was supposed to see had to step out for a moment. I went in and when he heard my last name he asked where I was from. He started to say, "Do you know..." and whenever people say this I just think they have no idea how many members are in Utah, but then he said the name of my father's older brother that served in England I knew it was him. Brother Broad explained that my uncle baptised him years before. We embraced for a few moments. It was an emotional experience. He wasn't regularly working that week but he was filling in for someone, the one day of the year that I would be there. Amazing!

After we went through the temple we had a big missionary dinner together. We sang carols with bells and had a devotional from President. We left a little bit later than planned to get home. Then there was traffic, construction, weather, and it took forever to get back. We took a midnight train with our district back toward our area (Newton Abbot) where we stayed the night. The train broke down so we didn't end up getting there until 2:30. Because there wasn't transport that late we had to walk the sister missionaries to the senior couple's flat to stay the night. We were really tired and everything was starting to get funny. It was ridiculous really. Elder Oleson forgot his bag with his rain jacket so he got soaked walking to Elder and Sister McBride's flat. We get there and E Oleson stands by the doorbell intercom all dramatically and says, "This is going to make it all worth it." He has ongoing friendly banter with Elder McBride, so when the confused Irish voice finally answers the doorbell E Oleson shouts, "TOP OF THE MORNIN TO YA!" In a fairly accurate Irish voice.
  "Who is this?" the Irishman responded.
  "Who do you think it is?" still in an Irish accent.
  "Well it sounds like Elder Oleson. What are you doing here are this hour?"
  "I'm wondering the same thing Elder McBride!"
When you're tired things get funnier but this was the most hilarious thing! You guys probably aren't going to think it's even funny but I couldn't stop laughing. It probably helps if you know the people too. I wish I had it on video.

Once upon a time, Elder Oleson left me on a bus this week... He stood up and thought another man that stood up and got off with him was me. When he stepped off and turned around the door shut, the bus drove off, and he saw me still sitting in my seat. When I noticed he wasn't on the bus I panicked! The other people on the bus probably thought I was a loon when I frantically hit the stop button and looked around to see if he was messing with me. Unluckily, the next stop was a couple blocks away, but luckily we just met up between the stops. I felt insanely alone walking down a busy street in the rain and the dark. Being stuck together drives me nuts sometimes but I don't want to get separated again!

Among all this we managed to squeeze in a little missionary work too. We got in more lessons this week than last week so it was pretty good.

Love,   Elder Price

Monday, December 8, 2014

Everyday you write a page of your autobiography.‏  Dec 8, 2014

This week I had an amazing opportunity to be humbled. We'll see if I can get my point across clearly. “A” and “T”are in a bit of a financial crisis. They're working with a support worker to help “A” find a good job. “A” got a job and worked two days and then came to a baptism on Friday. The Spirit was strong enough at the baptism to compel “T” to admit she wants to be baptised (I think she did all along) and “A” to question his new job because they had him scheduled to work the next few Sundays. He had us say a prayer with him to help him know what to do. My head was buzzing when we knelt in prayer. Afterwards I told him to read the Work and Personal Responsibility chapter of Gospel Principles and to talk to the bishop before making a decision.

I decided to fast for them to receive guidance in their hard situation. Before church started I was a bit surprised to see “A” walk into the building. Him skipping work meant that he would lose that job and probably upset the support worker. I found out he hadn't read the chapter or talked to the bishop. It was wrong of me but I thought he was being irresponsible.

He was stressed throughout church, which was understandable. He was acting quite English and being sour in the lessons. Then when testimony meeting came around the Spirit was so strong it pushed that pessimistic attitude all the way out of the building. He bore a smashing testimony about the Sabbath day and obedience.

Later Sunday evening we were over at their flat for a lesson. Toward the end of it “A” got a call and I was confident it was bad news. We watched his face slowly light up and discovered he had been offered a better job!!! He'll work more and get paid more. I was so humbled for thinking he should've gone to work that day. I got out missionaried!

The point of this story, there is power in prayer and fasting. Blessings are preceded by obedience and us asking for the blessing in prayer. I love you and happy Christmas!

Elder Price

PS tweet, share, favourite, link, post, blog, etc. He is the Gift.

Monday, December 1, 2014

Well the church is true.‏  12/1/14

-Just read the Book of Mormon already, I dare you.
-christmas.mormon.org. Share the gift.


Over the last week we have had a few ups and downs. Something was just off Monday through Wednesday. Elder Oleson and I each had to deal with little colds and while we weren't feeling well the first two things that became hard were exercise and waking up on time. We had to go to Plymouth for a leadership meeting Wednesday and I was feeling like such a waster. We had to leave early and skip exercise and study and I felt like I used my sore throat as an excuse to sleep while Elder Oleson was in the shower. When your day starts off bad, everything is miserable. It took me until later that evening to try and get on my game. I had to get on my knees and beg for the Spirit back. I knew I didn't have it with me very strong all morning because I did not deserve it and I didn't ask for it. 

The Spirit is everything as a missionary. I don't think I knew how to listen to it before my mission, or even how to recognise when I was feeling it for that matter. I think the biggest difference has been daily Book of Mormon study. And praying each time to know what I have studied is true has helped me so much. Sometimes I think it's mad how much my testimony has grown in such a short period of time!

My testimony of the gospel is simple. I know, without a doubt, three key principles that serve as a solid foundation to build upon. First, God is our Father and he loves us so he sent his Son. Next, Jesus Christ atoned for us due to his unfailing love for all mankind. The final thing I can say I know, not just believe but really know, is that the Book of Mormon is true.

As I have learnt about these things I have come to believe that we can develop a personal relationship with our Heavenly Father. Through study of families, scriptures, and personal experiences I understand that he wants to build that relationship with me, but it is my choice to act. I learnt that our Redeemer suffered for all of our afflictions as well as our sins.

I have learnt that because the Book of Mormon is true, Joseph Smith must be a prophet, and this is the church of Jesus Christ restored in latter days. All of my other concerns about the history of the church or the gospel can be brushed aside because I know the Book of Mormon is true, which means that God is directing this church. Once one can understand this they can trust that God has a reason for everything and following our prophets and priesthood leaders becomes a lot easier. We don't need to understand everything because we have that trust. Many details aren't vital to our salvation anyway.

I promise that no matter what stage you are in your life, reading the Book of Mormon daily will bless you beyond measure. Joseph Smith explained, "[The Book of Mormon] is the keystone of our religion, and a man would get nearer to God by abiding by its precepts than any other book."

I think I told you to read it last week too... haha! Missionary status to the max.

“C” played the organ in sacrament meeting for the youth to sing "As Zion's Youth in Latter Days." She even came back from her holiday in London early to play it. Once she learns the Book of Mormon is true she's going to be so solid it's nuts. She also prayed in front of me for the first time yesterday so that was fun. She still did her little Catholic cross thing but I'm not too bothered yet.

With “T” we tried to help her understand the importance reading the Book of Mormon (something I think I'm getting good at). She already "thinks" the church is true but she hasn't put the effort into finding out if the BOM is. We read the title page, introduction and all the things before 1 Nephi with her. Which, by the way, is really cool. If you haven't read all of that, I recommend trying to learn and understand it. I'll tutor you when I get home if you want because once you grasp that, reading it becomes fun. Anyway, once she understood the overarching plot better and started to see how excited I was about it, she decided she'd give it a go. She asked if it's really clenching if it's okay if she reads more than a chapter a day. It took a lot of thought but we gave her permission to read as much as she wants.

We're working with a few others a little bit but its off and on with them usually. The work continues to move forward, slowly. You need to be patient but persistent. We're finding through the new "He is the Gift" initiative. If you haven't heard of it you need to go to christmas.mormon.org right now and watch the two minute video. Then watch it one more time and think of two people to share it with. Their background honestly doesn't matter because it's so ace. If you can hear my typing you'd understand how enthusiastic I am about this new promotion. It's unreal! It's similar to last Easter's "Because of Him." They bought loads of adverts in Times Square and they bought the main YouTube ads this Sunday! Someone will have to let me know how that is.

Well I used all my email time bearing my testimony so I'll have to write you all next week. Love you!

Elder Price

Monday, November 24, 2014

Here comes the BoM!‏  Nov 24, 2014

-The BoM is so true it's nuts.
-Dreams on a mission either are really boring or they make you want to ski. There is no middle ground.


I was reviewing past emails I sent at the beginning of my mission, and I am hoping that everyone understands that I was joking during a lot of it! I think I said something about getting stabbed once... Mum, that was a joke. It's all old people here anyway. There aren't many jobs in Tor Bay so most the kids move somewhere to find work. I read some stuff that I think probably sounded pretty negative and I promise, the British aren't going to ruin my optimism. That's here to stay. As well, I have absolutely loved all of my mission, the MTC, other missionaries, and the area. Glad we got that all sorted out.

This week we focused our study on the Book of Mormon. We studied chapter 5 in PMG, we studied the introduction, witness statements, and preface to the BoM, I continued my study through it, and we asked members how they gained their testimonies of it. I wanted to understand better why it is paramount in the conversion to the gospel because we aren't doing well enough at helping our investigators understand that.

I finally understand the importance of the Book of Mormon. We've always heard that it's the "keystone of our religion" but it has never sunk that deep. As we have studied about it I finally realised how, I cannot believe that it never hit me before! If the Book of Mormon is true than that means Joseph Smith was a prophet of God. If he is a prophet than the Restoration truly did happen, which means that the authority to direct Jesus Christ's church has been passed down through modern prophets who speak the word of God today. I have heard this logic but loads of times but each person has to learn for themselves that it is true. After we learn this every other concern can be put aside because we trust the Lord. We can't give investigator's their testimonies. "Every man eventually is backed up to the wall of faith, and there he must make his stand." -Elder Andersen.

I think it is interesting that Preach My Gospel tells missionaries to pray to know if the Book of Mormon is true often. It literally says to apply Moroni's promise regularly. Most people would assume that missionaries should already have a testimony of the book they are preaching about, but nevertheless, if we apply this promise regularly our testimony continues to grow. It will be built upon a firm foundation and no questions investigators or members ask us will shake our testimonies. Naturally, as a missionary, I will take this opportunity to challenge YOU, my dedicated support system, to renew your testimony of the keystone of our religion. I know it will bless your life and the lives of your family.

This is the same message that we were able to share with "C" this week. We weren't sure how she was progressing because she has been busy with a few friends and family members in the hotel so I doubted if she was even thinking about it. She comes to church every week but I wasn't sure if she was reading, and obviously I just learned how absolutely essential that is, so we have been concerned. Well when we finally taught this lesson we discovered that not only has she been reading pieces of it, but others in the hotel have been talking about it just a little. Now she understands why it is so important to find out if it's true and I gave her brother a BoM with my testimony in it when he went back to Singapore. He reported that he thinks she will be baptised eventually. Now we've heard it from her preacher friend, her brother, and guests so it has to come true!

We were blessed with some miracles this week! We finally made it into" Ca"'s (potential investigator) house. He has a massive German Shepherd that is the size of bear so we can't just pop in. After the first lesson he accepted a baptismal date but we still have to see him make it to church. There's always something.

Another guy we were able to teach was a referral from a ward missionary, who met him online (Did I hear you say dodgy?), and asked her questions about evolution. We approached the lesson slightly skeptical to find one of the most sincere, intelligent investigators I may ever meet. He has studied EVERY type of religion, and I'm not just talking about Christianity. Buddhism, Musslimism (is that a thing?), etc. When we were leaving I am pretty sure he promised to read the entire Book of Mormon in a week, but that may have been me hearing what I wanted to hear again.

One night out in the cold we both weren't feeling well and we wanted to go home and sleep, then we ran into a guy who said, "You seem like good company, would you like to come over to my flat?" Best question ever! Well I guess hearing someone ask "When can I be baptised?" would be pretty spectacular but you get the point. He was pretty cool except that in like twenty minutes he burned through three fags. That will be a little difficult if he progresses.

We do missionary work 24/7. Not only are my dreams typically about lessons now, but Elder Oleson talks in his sleep so last night we were able to plan our next lesson for Tabby. How's that for using your time effectively? I woke up wondering if it was even real life!

One month till Christmas Eve!!! Ski a lot for me!

Love, Elder Price

Monday, November 17, 2014

The cold found us.‏ 

SUM UP:  Nov 16, 2014
-There is power in prayer.
-It's starting to get cold.

Time has gone by so fast I haven't even had the chance to think about what to report home! So my apologies if this is a little grandpa's eyebrows.

"A" is taking charge of YSA activities in our ward. It's really cool actually! He is really enthusiastic so he plans talks and spiritual thoughts and divides out assignments. He'd probably get it as a calling except that they're getting married in January. Either way I think they'll stay involved because the ward is mostly retired people. There's a pretty significant age gap.

We taught "T" the Ten Commandments and chastity. It actually turned out really well! She wants to wear a grey dress for her wedding because she likes the colour and she says that white is a symbol of purity. They want to get married so they can follow the commandments. "A" and "T"'s desire to do right is inspiring. They are completely surrounded with people of every age who treat premarital cohabitation like a completely normal thing. When I asked her if she'll be baptised after the wedding, her reply was, "probably", but I'm convinced that's only because she's strong-willed. English people tend to be slightly stubborn.

My favourite personal spiritual experience this week was about prayer. We studied the spirit and prayers to try and be more grateful and improve our relationship with Heavenly Father. We read that we should pray to have the spirit to guide our prayers. Pretty interesting especially if you read about prayer in the Bible Dictionary to find out that prayer is a process of not changing God's will, but trying to align our will with God's. If we remember that, then pray with the spirit, God will grant us blessings that we deserve. We just have to ask. If you pay attention in the story of Alma the Younger, who turned out to be the best missionary ever, he received a vision because of the faith and prayers of his father and the community. There is power in prayer!

This study session happened on Tuesday, which is pizza night at "C"'s because bogof. Before we headed to our dinner appointment I prayed that I would get the chance to share anything about the gospel with "C", or one of her friends there. Be careful what you ask for... This prayer was answered when they heard Elder Oleson on the phone talking about a "Romanian Investigator." The dinner party thought that these words were suspicious and their attention turned to me for an explanation. Someone mumbled that it sounds like a detective so I explained that detectives look for truth, and that what investigators do is look for truth. I told them that we call people investigators when they are learning about the church because they are learning about the truth. This wasn't the way I was hoping to be able to share a quick testimony but I guess that was God's sense of humour as a consequence of me eating an entire Hawaiian pizza.

Besides little thoughts we didn't share lessons with "C" but she continues to come to church with us. We look forward for when she takes the time to sincerely ask God if it's true.

We're working out a way to have Skype lessons with "D" and his family so that it can be in Romanian. I used to think he was golden but they don't seem to keep commitments. He loves his family and loves God though so he's almost there.
And Bob's your uncle.


Elder Price

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Personal Peace 11/10/14

-My favourite chapter in the Book of Mormon happens to be the longest. It's Jacob 5.
-Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ love you. But for real though, they do.
-Following Christ brings lasting happiness and peace.
-The Pres told me I'd be staying in Paignton and Elder Oleson will leave in January.


Jacob 5 is my favourite chapter in the Book of Mormon. It's the Allegory of the Olive Tree where the Master of the vineyard (Heavenly Father) is caring for the vineyard and he's working with his Servant (Jesus Christ). When the wild fruit overtakes the last of the good fruit God gets emotional. Verse 41: And it came to pass that the Lord of the vineyard wept, and said unto the servant: What could I have done more for my vineyard? It clearly illustrates it here and in Preach My Gospel how much your Father in Heaven actually loves you. He is full of sorrow when we make wrong choices. After much discussion the Master tells the servant to cast the branches into the fire, but the servant replies, Spare it a little longer. We mess up. That's part of life. But the Atonement of Jesus Christ is infinite and is always there to lift us up. Our Saviour is patient and he will not give up so long as we try. I know this is true.

We had the chance to teach "C" the third lesson, the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We fought multiple distractions but we were still able to feel the spirit and answer her questions. She has observed how friendly our church is compared to the Catholic church and she even expressed how she thinks that they are breaking one of the ten commandments by worshipping statues. I don't know if this is bad but I was thrilled when she told us that. At the end of the lesson I asked her if she got the answer that this is true if she would be baptised and she said she would! I was so excited when I asked her. Before this lesson I was concerned she wanted to know more about the church but only because she wants to know what we believe. Now I know that she will take the chance to find out for herself, and if she does take that chance she will get an answer (Moroni promised her so).

After loads of opposition, partly from the bishopbric, we were able to get things sorted so "A" and "T" could attend a YSA convention last weekend in Plymouth. We knew they needed a boost because they have been having a hard time and they really need some friends in the church who were born in the same decade. Our ward has a bit of an age gap so this weekend was paramount in our eyes. Oh and a couple weeks ago another YSA named Hannah moved here from the state of Washington for a couple of months. This was an answer to our prayers. Hannah came for Holiday but she feels like the Lord has a purpose for her being here so she's working on a visa and all that jazz. So at this weekend convention Hannah and "T" bonded, they all had fun, it was really spiritual, and "T" bore her testimony to everyone. While she was there the bell went off for 2 minutes of silence for Remembrance Sunday so she had to stand there in front of everyone for two minutes. As if bearing a testimony doesn't make you nervous enough!

We finally caught "D" at home! I think I mentioned him before because he basically contacted us on the street a couple weeks ago and explained how he'd lost contact with the missionaries when he had to go back to Romania for a while. We happened to have a Romanian BOM in the flat so we gave that to him and challenged him to read it with his family and pray about it. "D" loves his family so much and he has so much faith that God will bless them as they turn to him. He would be golden if he didn't smoke. It's always the word of wisdom.

At church we came out of a meeting with the bishopric during priesthood (1st hour) to discover a Uni student on Holiday in the lounge reading the introduction in the BOM. He explained he hasn't found the right church for him and he wants to know more about ours. Elder Oleson and I were like, "We can help you with that!" Haha So we discussed the BOM with him and he came to Gospel Principles and Sacrament. He'd be stellar to teach but we have to pass him to the Plymouth elders. Best referral ever!

I wonder at times if why the Lord is blessing us with these opportunities. I know we are trying hard, but we have a lot to improve on and sometimes it surprises me how much trust he has in us. Think about it, in the same way that missionaries need to gain the trust of members in order for the members to be willing to trust them with the referrals of their family members and friends, we need to gain the trust of Heavenly Father in order to teach his children. If we put these children of God off they may develop raw feelings towards him. So I pray everyday that I can be the kind of missionary my parents think I am. ;)

The Bishop finally had me speak in sacrament meeting. The first week I was here I bore a short testimony but this was supposed to be an official talk. I was the first of three speakers and when it was coming to my time I knew that I wouldn't have a full ten minutes due to our chorister insisting we sing all seven verses of How Firm a Foundation and two long intermediate hymns. There's never enough time but what can you do? I could've talked for a lot longer but then again, it's not hard to talk about myself. I was asked to speak on my conversion so I decided to guide them on a tour of my spiritual journey. I explained how my baptism, testimony, and conversion happened at different points in my life. Investigators often expect those three to happen all with a dunk in the font but it doesn't happen that way. I tried to explain how conversion is an ongoing process that takes continuing trust in the Lord. It happens one step at a time but nothing can bring the same peace and happiness.

I read a talk this morning titled Personal Peace: The Reward of Righteousness by Elder Quinten L. Cook. Elder Cook, Elder Holland, and Elder Ballard served in this mission so they automatically become even more respected. They say other missions make good missionaries, but England makes good leaders. Fingers crossed that's true.

So in this talk he said:

We all long for peace. Peace is not just safety or lack of war, violence, and contention. Peace comes from knowing that the Saviour knows who we are and knows that we have faith in him, love him, and keep his commandments, even and especially amid life's devastating trials and tragedies.

Later he explained:

Many search for peace in worldly ways, which never have and never will succeed. Peace is not found by attaining great wealth, power, or prominence. Peace is not found in the pursuit of pleasure, entertainment or leisure. None of these can, even when attained in abundance, create any lasting happiness or peace.

I know this is true because the happiest moments in my life have been with people I love, when I make others happy. That's why I am out here giving up time I could be earning money or working on a degree. It's probably why I'm not too homesick either. This week we had interviews with President Millar and I think I shocked him when he asked if I was homesick and I told him I was for about 5 minutes, on the night of my birthday when I was going to bed, and then I got over it. No matter how far away, I know my family loves me and will support me through anything. I know my family and friends will be there when I get home and that my family is eternal. So yeah, I miss you guys but it's nothing to get sick over. ;) Love you loads!

-Elder Price
 PS Besides you guys I also miss Cafe Rio, music, and the temple.

Fat tie swag (proud to be an American)

Monday, November 3, 2014

This one really is a novel.  11-3-14

-Ether 12:27
-I'm spoiled.


The truth is, I am having loads of fun over here in the Motherland. It doesn't rain nearly as much as everyone said it would, there are plenty people to teach even if there are plenty of people who reject us, and my companion and I are getting really tight. We're like Stockton and Malone, peanut butter and jelly, or the Book of Mormon and the Bible. Haha! Maybe we're not really to that point yet but we are learning how to be unified in teaching and it is making a big difference.

I feel like I am catching on pretty quick for being a new missionary but I have also been frustrated at times because I'm not where I want to be yet. Missionary work is hard. That is one idea that didn't get over-exaggerated before I left home. I have had moments where I get down on myself because either I didn't contact everyone we saw, we were late for an appointment, or we forgot an assignment that we were supposed to do. There are a lot of new things to learn and staying on top of it all proves to be difficult. I still don't like that I have to depend on Elder Oleson to know how to get around, to tell me who is who, or to explain a witty joke that doesn't penetrate the average American skull.

Last Monday I was little in one of those moods, which is probably why the group email I sent was about ten sentences. It's unfortunate that we email during preparation day and not right after an inspirational lesson because I am sure you would get dramatically contrasting expressions of the missionary work here. My letter might even reach the enthusiasm level of a dedicated sister missionary, but I doubt it. All week we focus on these investigators and then on preparation day we get a chance to improve the condition of our flats and we have to divert our attention to giving you a weekly report. Emailing is typically done between cleaning and shopping, so I'm usually focused on getting things done. I have to admit, it has felt a little like a box to tick off on my weekly chore list to type up this big report but I decided I have received too much love and support from home over the years to be selfish and not give you a proper report. So here it goes, and hopefully this message will uplift you in some way instead of being similar to the progress report we prepare for the ward council. That's done on Thursdays anyway.


After emailing last Monday we carved pumpkins with our district at "C"'s hotel. We had to make our pumpkins look pretty good because they cost £3.50 each and we had to carry them all the way from the corner vegetable store about a mile away. I dedicated mine to "C" (best Singaporean ever!) I'll send a picture of that one.

I can't remember how much I have told you about each of our investigators so I'll give you a quick sum up. "T" and "A" are a young engaged couple. They're the ones that threw me a birthday party and spend 55 quid on fireworks. "A" is returning back to the church and he has the Aaronic Priesthood. "T" is going to be baptised after they get married or get separate flats. She wants to know EVERYTHING about the gospel. She is super inquisitive and they both get really distracted. We wanted to have family home evening with "T" and "A" at Sister Hancox's because she'll keep them in line. Sister H is my favourite ward missionary, but not just because she arranges our dinners with the ward or because she made rice pudding on my birthday. I have a lot of respect for her and her love for the Gospel.

Sister H prepared a lesson about King David's faith in defeating Goliath. She gave us each a slip of paper and suggested we have 5 stones or bullet points to list things to strengthen our faith and 5 goals that faith will help us accomplish. We shared the ways we want to strengthen our faith and had solid discussions.

While we were concluding Brother H asked "T" if she had anything else to say. She wanted to go around the circle and share one thing we admire about each person. She thanked me for wearing the jumper and tie they bought me three days earlier. Elder Oleson told everyone how he teases me all the time about it but he loves that I am really clean and it invites the Spirit. "A" told me his favourite thing about me is that I am not the elder I replaced. They tease me because he was really popular around here so when people met me they were disappointed he was gone. "A" expressed his gratitude for my friendship and illustrated that if the rest of my mission is a disappointment, then I should still consider it worth it because I made a difference in his life.

Sister H expressed how my countenance influences everyone around. She told me that I don't seem like a new missionary and that I should compliment my parents for raising me well. Brother H complimented my posture and how I present myself respectfully. He compared me to one of the palace guards.

I don't mean to share this with each of you to brag about the compliments that I'm proud of but to let you know how the Lord blessed me last week. I wrote in my journal, "This FHE was the Lord's way of blessing me. I think I needed to be reminded of my strengths because I was focusing on my weaknesses and it was wearing me down." I am still sticking with my motto that there is always room for improvement. As we continually try to become better at whatever we are working towards, recognize areas that you can improve in but never lose sight of your strengths. The Lord makes weak things become strong (Ether 12:27) and he prepares a way to accomplish what we've been commanded (1 Nephi 3:7).

Let's do a science experiment called, Can Price Boy's Gain Weight? I get spoiled so much in Paignton (but what else is new). The ward brings fruit and snacks to church and places it in a basket for us to take home. We get fed a couple times a week by the members, and even more by "C". She gives us loads of baked goods and all of her leftovers because she's just throwing them out anyway. She asks us to eat with her every day and I wish we could sometimes because she's so fun. We love "C"! We're hoping to see more progression with her but so far one of her guests is anti and she's making it really difficult for us. She's supposed to be moving out soon but when she moved in last May she was only going to stay for two weeks. I'm not good at maths but your guess is as good as mine.

Thank you for all your love and support! Shout out to the Parents, Grandparents, Kim, and Jill for the birthday cards last week. I love you all!

Te amo mucho, Elder Price

ENGLAND vs. AMERICA: Elder Price's Questions of the Soul
-What does it mean to be a local? I talked to a guy who insisted he was not a local, he had only lived here for 23 years. "You're not a local unless two generations have died here." Looks like most of America has absolutely no locals.
-Why do the build the flats so weird here and why are they called flats when most the ones I've seen have stairs? In America it's just as bad because they're called apartments when they're stuck together.
-Why do we refrigerate eggs in America?
-What is a lorry?
-And why are English people racist against other types of English people? The people in Cornwall don't even want to be English. They're Cornish. I suppose that it's like us making fun of Texans or... Kentuckyians?... or Indianaians?


Elder Oleson just screamed and hugged me. I have to embarrass him by telling everybody he got asked out on a date to a wedding in 6 months by some fit bird from Arizona.... Haha

Monday, October 27, 2014

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I guess I'll write if you really want me to.‏

Another eventful week has flown by! The work keeps us so busy it almost feels like I just wrote you a letter.

We're working with some amazing people. This week we were also blessed with the opportunity to learn more from exchanges with the Zone Leaders. I was with Elder Wood, big all star quarterback from Texas, who I'm no longer intimidated by. One thing I learned from him is how he truly loves the people and is concerned for their salvation.

The next best thing I learned was to be bold. In conversations with people I used to shy away from topics that they would be shocked about or word it so they don't mind. There is absolutely no reason to cower away when you are speaking about the truth from God. His gospel doesn't compromise and I won't try and make Jesus Christ's church sound more acceptable just for people to talk to me. We're called to find the elect and the elect will listen.

I'm taking the initiative to be a proactive missionary. I don't want to have to depend on Elder Oleson to tell me which bus to get on, how to get to a house, or lots of the routine things we work on. I am constantly trying to improve so I can become the type of missionary I imagined I dream of with lots of hard work and obedience. One day I'll get there.

Love you!

**It has been a tradition that Elder Price wears his favorite #24 shirt on his birthday.**
A picture is worth a thousand words!!