Monday, October 27, 2014

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I guess I'll write if you really want me to.‏

Another eventful week has flown by! The work keeps us so busy it almost feels like I just wrote you a letter.

We're working with some amazing people. This week we were also blessed with the opportunity to learn more from exchanges with the Zone Leaders. I was with Elder Wood, big all star quarterback from Texas, who I'm no longer intimidated by. One thing I learned from him is how he truly loves the people and is concerned for their salvation.

The next best thing I learned was to be bold. In conversations with people I used to shy away from topics that they would be shocked about or word it so they don't mind. There is absolutely no reason to cower away when you are speaking about the truth from God. His gospel doesn't compromise and I won't try and make Jesus Christ's church sound more acceptable just for people to talk to me. We're called to find the elect and the elect will listen.

I'm taking the initiative to be a proactive missionary. I don't want to have to depend on Elder Oleson to tell me which bus to get on, how to get to a house, or lots of the routine things we work on. I am constantly trying to improve so I can become the type of missionary I imagined I dream of with lots of hard work and obedience. One day I'll get there.

Love you!

**It has been a tradition that Elder Price wears his favorite #24 shirt on his birthday.**
A picture is worth a thousand words!!