Monday, October 13, 2014

If everything is bigger in Texas, everything is smaller in England.‏

All right mate? 
I saw Stonehenge. Foreigners are nice. My area is basically cold and cloudy San Diego. The church is true over here too. 
Adjusting from the MTC was harder than I expected actually. I thought it would be really easy but I definitely took for granted how spoiled we were in the MTC. The facilities and grounds were so well taken care of and the food was prepared every meal and snack time at nine every night. I was a brat every single time I complained about MTC food because I have only had like one decent meal since I made it to the field. Until we went shopping today we were out of most the essentials because of transfers so we were living off of scraps and Cathy's leftovers. 
"C" is a tiny Asain millionare from Singapore who runs a small train-themed hotel down the street from us. I guess she would be classified as an investigator who isn't progressing. We stop by often and continue to share spiritual thoughts with her. Previous missionaries grew close to her because her husband died over the summer and they did loads of service for her. Apparently she was a wreck and the missionaries helped her keep her life in order. She eats out almost every night, which is weird because she runs a bed and breakfast, but she used to throw away her leftovers until we came along. I don't mind free food.
Elder Oleson is my trainer and the District Leader. He's from Reno, Nevada and he has been out for 18 months. His favourite hobbies are kayaking and lacrosse. He's also into rugby and football (English). We get along great! He's a good trainer. My favourite thing to learn from him is how sincere his prayers are. His bedtime prayers are so long I finish my prayers and get ready for bed before he's done. I'm so grateful to be blessed with a good trainer because I prayed countless times that my trainer would want to work instead of being a lazy disobedient missionary. The Lord hears our prayers!
The first thing I said to Elder Oleson when I saw the flat was, "When are we going to clean?" He tries to convince me that it's actually relatively clean for Elders but the place was a disaster. Aside from all the clutter and the messy kitchen, the roof leaks, our balcony door is hanging by one hinge, the wind blows it open, and everything is tiny. England probably has less obese people because they don't fit up any staircases so they get stuck in their flats and die. That's one theory anyway.
The main towns we work in are Torquay (Tour-Key), Brixham (Bricks-um), and Paignton (Paint-un). There are some beautiful boardwalks here! We run on one each morning in the dark. Lots of the people around here are really chavy but at least they listen. I don't think they'll stab a missionary... not during the hours we're out anyway. 
Plenty of people warned me that contacting here would be difficult but I have still been shocked by loads of people on the street. The variety in nationalities and religions is astounding! Aside from all the "confirmed atheists" (how do you confirm that?) we've met people that are COE, JW, Catholic, Protestant, Salvation Army (which is a church and not a charity apparently), Pagan, Buddhist, Muslim, Baptist, Born-Again, and more. Even people sitting on a bench in their garden will tell us they don't have time to talk. I've found that as soon as it starts to get to me the Lord blesses us with someone that wants to listen and it reminds me why I wanted to serve. I love sharing this gospel I just wish more people would listen!

Even British kids have vulgar vocabularies. Some girls yelled not nice things at me for smiling at them. I'm convinced that none of them learned an inside voice. Each time I hear one I think of Harry Potter. I have to refrain from shouting, "Ten points for Gryffindor!" each time they're excited.
Miracle of the week happened Sunday. We set out to knock on the doors of a few potential investigators and contact people on the way there and back. Walking back to Paignton we were talking to everyone we could and nobody wanted to listen. Then out of nowhere a Romanian man named "D" found us and asked to talk to us. He explained as well as he could with limited English that he was being taught years ago by missionaries and he lost contact with them somehow. I'm thrilled because we've never had someone ask for an appointment before! I know that happened because the Spirit took us the right way home and because we were talking to everyone. If you pray like a hundred times a day then miracles happen.
 Love you!

Elder Price