Monday, October 6, 2014

SUM UP (for everyone who doesn't want to read the novel):
The Missionary Training Centre is amazing and terribly redundant. Elders are immature and Sisters are focused. We went to the temple today and tomorrow we get to go to Manchester to go tracting. We teach 3 (fake) investigators a day and study for hours on end. See highlights at the end of the novel.
It's finally time to email! It feel like it's been ages since last week when I told you we arrived safely so hopefully I can remember everything I wanted to include. This morning we got to go to the temple and later we'll go shopping at Asda so today is going to be without a doubt, the best day yet. Aside from traveling from the Manchester Airport to the Missionary Training Centre, we haven't had the chance to experience England. If it weren't for the weather at the MTC I might forget I'm already in England altogether. We do get to see the sun almost every day, for five or ten minutes in the morning. One day it didn't even rain!
After we arrived at the MTC we met the President along with counsillors and their wives. They conducted a whole orientation presentation including how to make beds and wash clothes. You'd think if we're old enough to be missionaries than we could figure it all out but then you slowly find out how mature all the Elders are. Then it'll make sense. Most Elders are 18 here and some of them are barely that. Now that the Greek missionaries left I think I'm the oldest one left. The Greeks caught a bus at 3 am to leave yesterday so there was 12 German missionaries and 30 English ones left. The people here come from all over the world but mostly Europe. I'm engulfed in various accents constantly and there are lots of Americans here so I really haven't learned the proper way to speak yet.
The MTC is full of astounding spiritual experiences but I may not survive if I had to endure seven or nine weeks like the language missionaries. Thank heavens I'm only here for 13 days. We teach three lessons a day, which isn't terrible when my companion is focused. He's lazy but he also shows loads of potential when he tries. The worst part is when he uses the toilet as an excuse to stop studying or get out of class about a dozen times a day. He'll stay in there fixing his hair and looking in the mirror for what feels like hours if I don't go fetch him. Don't joke about pet peeves or getting young companions because the Lord hears you and he'll be the one having the last laugh.
I'm the district leader of District Abinidi which includes three companionships (picture attatched). Elder Hernandez from Spain is my companion, Sister Torvinen from Finland is companions with Sister Schumann from Germany, and Elder Kendall from Elk Ridge, Utah and Elder Carpentier from France are companions. Sorry if that's confusing! The keyboards here are weird so it's a hassel to backspace and especially to use capital letters.
Love you all! Pray Elder Hernandez gets better at English and learns how to tie his tie... haha
-I jumped on my bunk to make my bed I discovered who slept there one year ago, my best mate Elder Hall.
-While role playing an investigator I explained I was interested in the afterlife because my brother had a still born child and Elder Carpentier replied, in a thick French accent, "Oh, congratulations to ze brotha." Yikes!
-We get to play futbol every day we have exercise.
-I'm grateful I already passed English 2010 so I'm not doomed when I return to Uni with terrible English spelling. They'll think I'm mental!