Monday, November 24, 2014

Here comes the BoM!‏  Nov 24, 2014

-The BoM is so true it's nuts.
-Dreams on a mission either are really boring or they make you want to ski. There is no middle ground.


I was reviewing past emails I sent at the beginning of my mission, and I am hoping that everyone understands that I was joking during a lot of it! I think I said something about getting stabbed once... Mum, that was a joke. It's all old people here anyway. There aren't many jobs in Tor Bay so most the kids move somewhere to find work. I read some stuff that I think probably sounded pretty negative and I promise, the British aren't going to ruin my optimism. That's here to stay. As well, I have absolutely loved all of my mission, the MTC, other missionaries, and the area. Glad we got that all sorted out.

This week we focused our study on the Book of Mormon. We studied chapter 5 in PMG, we studied the introduction, witness statements, and preface to the BoM, I continued my study through it, and we asked members how they gained their testimonies of it. I wanted to understand better why it is paramount in the conversion to the gospel because we aren't doing well enough at helping our investigators understand that.

I finally understand the importance of the Book of Mormon. We've always heard that it's the "keystone of our religion" but it has never sunk that deep. As we have studied about it I finally realised how, I cannot believe that it never hit me before! If the Book of Mormon is true than that means Joseph Smith was a prophet of God. If he is a prophet than the Restoration truly did happen, which means that the authority to direct Jesus Christ's church has been passed down through modern prophets who speak the word of God today. I have heard this logic but loads of times but each person has to learn for themselves that it is true. After we learn this every other concern can be put aside because we trust the Lord. We can't give investigator's their testimonies. "Every man eventually is backed up to the wall of faith, and there he must make his stand." -Elder Andersen.

I think it is interesting that Preach My Gospel tells missionaries to pray to know if the Book of Mormon is true often. It literally says to apply Moroni's promise regularly. Most people would assume that missionaries should already have a testimony of the book they are preaching about, but nevertheless, if we apply this promise regularly our testimony continues to grow. It will be built upon a firm foundation and no questions investigators or members ask us will shake our testimonies. Naturally, as a missionary, I will take this opportunity to challenge YOU, my dedicated support system, to renew your testimony of the keystone of our religion. I know it will bless your life and the lives of your family.

This is the same message that we were able to share with "C" this week. We weren't sure how she was progressing because she has been busy with a few friends and family members in the hotel so I doubted if she was even thinking about it. She comes to church every week but I wasn't sure if she was reading, and obviously I just learned how absolutely essential that is, so we have been concerned. Well when we finally taught this lesson we discovered that not only has she been reading pieces of it, but others in the hotel have been talking about it just a little. Now she understands why it is so important to find out if it's true and I gave her brother a BoM with my testimony in it when he went back to Singapore. He reported that he thinks she will be baptised eventually. Now we've heard it from her preacher friend, her brother, and guests so it has to come true!

We were blessed with some miracles this week! We finally made it into" Ca"'s (potential investigator) house. He has a massive German Shepherd that is the size of bear so we can't just pop in. After the first lesson he accepted a baptismal date but we still have to see him make it to church. There's always something.

Another guy we were able to teach was a referral from a ward missionary, who met him online (Did I hear you say dodgy?), and asked her questions about evolution. We approached the lesson slightly skeptical to find one of the most sincere, intelligent investigators I may ever meet. He has studied EVERY type of religion, and I'm not just talking about Christianity. Buddhism, Musslimism (is that a thing?), etc. When we were leaving I am pretty sure he promised to read the entire Book of Mormon in a week, but that may have been me hearing what I wanted to hear again.

One night out in the cold we both weren't feeling well and we wanted to go home and sleep, then we ran into a guy who said, "You seem like good company, would you like to come over to my flat?" Best question ever! Well I guess hearing someone ask "When can I be baptised?" would be pretty spectacular but you get the point. He was pretty cool except that in like twenty minutes he burned through three fags. That will be a little difficult if he progresses.

We do missionary work 24/7. Not only are my dreams typically about lessons now, but Elder Oleson talks in his sleep so last night we were able to plan our next lesson for Tabby. How's that for using your time effectively? I woke up wondering if it was even real life!

One month till Christmas Eve!!! Ski a lot for me!

Love, Elder Price

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