Monday, November 17, 2014

The cold found us.‏ 

SUM UP:  Nov 16, 2014
-There is power in prayer.
-It's starting to get cold.

Time has gone by so fast I haven't even had the chance to think about what to report home! So my apologies if this is a little grandpa's eyebrows.

"A" is taking charge of YSA activities in our ward. It's really cool actually! He is really enthusiastic so he plans talks and spiritual thoughts and divides out assignments. He'd probably get it as a calling except that they're getting married in January. Either way I think they'll stay involved because the ward is mostly retired people. There's a pretty significant age gap.

We taught "T" the Ten Commandments and chastity. It actually turned out really well! She wants to wear a grey dress for her wedding because she likes the colour and she says that white is a symbol of purity. They want to get married so they can follow the commandments. "A" and "T"'s desire to do right is inspiring. They are completely surrounded with people of every age who treat premarital cohabitation like a completely normal thing. When I asked her if she'll be baptised after the wedding, her reply was, "probably", but I'm convinced that's only because she's strong-willed. English people tend to be slightly stubborn.

My favourite personal spiritual experience this week was about prayer. We studied the spirit and prayers to try and be more grateful and improve our relationship with Heavenly Father. We read that we should pray to have the spirit to guide our prayers. Pretty interesting especially if you read about prayer in the Bible Dictionary to find out that prayer is a process of not changing God's will, but trying to align our will with God's. If we remember that, then pray with the spirit, God will grant us blessings that we deserve. We just have to ask. If you pay attention in the story of Alma the Younger, who turned out to be the best missionary ever, he received a vision because of the faith and prayers of his father and the community. There is power in prayer!

This study session happened on Tuesday, which is pizza night at "C"'s because bogof. Before we headed to our dinner appointment I prayed that I would get the chance to share anything about the gospel with "C", or one of her friends there. Be careful what you ask for... This prayer was answered when they heard Elder Oleson on the phone talking about a "Romanian Investigator." The dinner party thought that these words were suspicious and their attention turned to me for an explanation. Someone mumbled that it sounds like a detective so I explained that detectives look for truth, and that what investigators do is look for truth. I told them that we call people investigators when they are learning about the church because they are learning about the truth. This wasn't the way I was hoping to be able to share a quick testimony but I guess that was God's sense of humour as a consequence of me eating an entire Hawaiian pizza.

Besides little thoughts we didn't share lessons with "C" but she continues to come to church with us. We look forward for when she takes the time to sincerely ask God if it's true.

We're working out a way to have Skype lessons with "D" and his family so that it can be in Romanian. I used to think he was golden but they don't seem to keep commitments. He loves his family and loves God though so he's almost there.
And Bob's your uncle.


Elder Price

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