Monday, December 8, 2014

Everyday you write a page of your autobiography.‏  Dec 8, 2014

This week I had an amazing opportunity to be humbled. We'll see if I can get my point across clearly. “A” and “T”are in a bit of a financial crisis. They're working with a support worker to help “A” find a good job. “A” got a job and worked two days and then came to a baptism on Friday. The Spirit was strong enough at the baptism to compel “T” to admit she wants to be baptised (I think she did all along) and “A” to question his new job because they had him scheduled to work the next few Sundays. He had us say a prayer with him to help him know what to do. My head was buzzing when we knelt in prayer. Afterwards I told him to read the Work and Personal Responsibility chapter of Gospel Principles and to talk to the bishop before making a decision.

I decided to fast for them to receive guidance in their hard situation. Before church started I was a bit surprised to see “A” walk into the building. Him skipping work meant that he would lose that job and probably upset the support worker. I found out he hadn't read the chapter or talked to the bishop. It was wrong of me but I thought he was being irresponsible.

He was stressed throughout church, which was understandable. He was acting quite English and being sour in the lessons. Then when testimony meeting came around the Spirit was so strong it pushed that pessimistic attitude all the way out of the building. He bore a smashing testimony about the Sabbath day and obedience.

Later Sunday evening we were over at their flat for a lesson. Toward the end of it “A” got a call and I was confident it was bad news. We watched his face slowly light up and discovered he had been offered a better job!!! He'll work more and get paid more. I was so humbled for thinking he should've gone to work that day. I got out missionaried!

The point of this story, there is power in prayer and fasting. Blessings are preceded by obedience and us asking for the blessing in prayer. I love you and happy Christmas!

Elder Price

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