Monday, December 15, 2014

How can I be lonely when I'm never alone? 12/15/14

Christmas is coming!
The mission was able to attend the temple in three different shifts this week. We left Wednesday, took a bus to Totnes and a train to Plymouth where our zone would get picked up to go to the temple. The coach had to go pick up the Bristol Zone on the way their so we arrived at the temple accommodations around ten. We had breakfast in the morning, checked out, bought some stuff at the Distribution Centre, and then Elder Oleson and I went and found a picnic table to study at on the temple grounds. It was serene. 

The Lord blessed me with a special tender mercy in the temple. Coincidences are mini miracles and this was a small miracle to help me recognise the potential our investigators have. Earlier in the week I was thinking about how sad it is how many members go inactive, so this reminded me how much influence one baptism can do.

There were multiple variables that had to align in order for this to happen. We were queued up after changing and a few missionaries in front of me left to go use the toilets. Then the temple worker that I was supposed to see had to step out for a moment. I went in and when he heard my last name he asked where I was from. He started to say, "Do you know..." and whenever people say this I just think they have no idea how many members are in Utah, but then he said the name of my father's older brother that served in England I knew it was him. Brother Broad explained that my uncle baptised him years before. We embraced for a few moments. It was an emotional experience. He wasn't regularly working that week but he was filling in for someone, the one day of the year that I would be there. Amazing!

After we went through the temple we had a big missionary dinner together. We sang carols with bells and had a devotional from President. We left a little bit later than planned to get home. Then there was traffic, construction, weather, and it took forever to get back. We took a midnight train with our district back toward our area (Newton Abbot) where we stayed the night. The train broke down so we didn't end up getting there until 2:30. Because there wasn't transport that late we had to walk the sister missionaries to the senior couple's flat to stay the night. We were really tired and everything was starting to get funny. It was ridiculous really. Elder Oleson forgot his bag with his rain jacket so he got soaked walking to Elder and Sister McBride's flat. We get there and E Oleson stands by the doorbell intercom all dramatically and says, "This is going to make it all worth it." He has ongoing friendly banter with Elder McBride, so when the confused Irish voice finally answers the doorbell E Oleson shouts, "TOP OF THE MORNIN TO YA!" In a fairly accurate Irish voice.
  "Who is this?" the Irishman responded.
  "Who do you think it is?" still in an Irish accent.
  "Well it sounds like Elder Oleson. What are you doing here are this hour?"
  "I'm wondering the same thing Elder McBride!"
When you're tired things get funnier but this was the most hilarious thing! You guys probably aren't going to think it's even funny but I couldn't stop laughing. It probably helps if you know the people too. I wish I had it on video.

Once upon a time, Elder Oleson left me on a bus this week... He stood up and thought another man that stood up and got off with him was me. When he stepped off and turned around the door shut, the bus drove off, and he saw me still sitting in my seat. When I noticed he wasn't on the bus I panicked! The other people on the bus probably thought I was a loon when I frantically hit the stop button and looked around to see if he was messing with me. Unluckily, the next stop was a couple blocks away, but luckily we just met up between the stops. I felt insanely alone walking down a busy street in the rain and the dark. Being stuck together drives me nuts sometimes but I don't want to get separated again!

Among all this we managed to squeeze in a little missionary work too. We got in more lessons this week than last week so it was pretty good.

Love,   Elder Price