Monday, December 1, 2014

Well the church is true.‏  12/1/14

-Just read the Book of Mormon already, I dare you. Share the gift.


Over the last week we have had a few ups and downs. Something was just off Monday through Wednesday. Elder Oleson and I each had to deal with little colds and while we weren't feeling well the first two things that became hard were exercise and waking up on time. We had to go to Plymouth for a leadership meeting Wednesday and I was feeling like such a waster. We had to leave early and skip exercise and study and I felt like I used my sore throat as an excuse to sleep while Elder Oleson was in the shower. When your day starts off bad, everything is miserable. It took me until later that evening to try and get on my game. I had to get on my knees and beg for the Spirit back. I knew I didn't have it with me very strong all morning because I did not deserve it and I didn't ask for it. 

The Spirit is everything as a missionary. I don't think I knew how to listen to it before my mission, or even how to recognise when I was feeling it for that matter. I think the biggest difference has been daily Book of Mormon study. And praying each time to know what I have studied is true has helped me so much. Sometimes I think it's mad how much my testimony has grown in such a short period of time!

My testimony of the gospel is simple. I know, without a doubt, three key principles that serve as a solid foundation to build upon. First, God is our Father and he loves us so he sent his Son. Next, Jesus Christ atoned for us due to his unfailing love for all mankind. The final thing I can say I know, not just believe but really know, is that the Book of Mormon is true.

As I have learnt about these things I have come to believe that we can develop a personal relationship with our Heavenly Father. Through study of families, scriptures, and personal experiences I understand that he wants to build that relationship with me, but it is my choice to act. I learnt that our Redeemer suffered for all of our afflictions as well as our sins.

I have learnt that because the Book of Mormon is true, Joseph Smith must be a prophet, and this is the church of Jesus Christ restored in latter days. All of my other concerns about the history of the church or the gospel can be brushed aside because I know the Book of Mormon is true, which means that God is directing this church. Once one can understand this they can trust that God has a reason for everything and following our prophets and priesthood leaders becomes a lot easier. We don't need to understand everything because we have that trust. Many details aren't vital to our salvation anyway.

I promise that no matter what stage you are in your life, reading the Book of Mormon daily will bless you beyond measure. Joseph Smith explained, "[The Book of Mormon] is the keystone of our religion, and a man would get nearer to God by abiding by its precepts than any other book."

I think I told you to read it last week too... haha! Missionary status to the max.

“C” played the organ in sacrament meeting for the youth to sing "As Zion's Youth in Latter Days." She even came back from her holiday in London early to play it. Once she learns the Book of Mormon is true she's going to be so solid it's nuts. She also prayed in front of me for the first time yesterday so that was fun. She still did her little Catholic cross thing but I'm not too bothered yet.

With “T” we tried to help her understand the importance reading the Book of Mormon (something I think I'm getting good at). She already "thinks" the church is true but she hasn't put the effort into finding out if the BOM is. We read the title page, introduction and all the things before 1 Nephi with her. Which, by the way, is really cool. If you haven't read all of that, I recommend trying to learn and understand it. I'll tutor you when I get home if you want because once you grasp that, reading it becomes fun. Anyway, once she understood the overarching plot better and started to see how excited I was about it, she decided she'd give it a go. She asked if it's really clenching if it's okay if she reads more than a chapter a day. It took a lot of thought but we gave her permission to read as much as she wants.

We're working with a few others a little bit but its off and on with them usually. The work continues to move forward, slowly. You need to be patient but persistent. We're finding through the new "He is the Gift" initiative. If you haven't heard of it you need to go to right now and watch the two minute video. Then watch it one more time and think of two people to share it with. Their background honestly doesn't matter because it's so ace. If you can hear my typing you'd understand how enthusiastic I am about this new promotion. It's unreal! It's similar to last Easter's "Because of Him." They bought loads of adverts in Times Square and they bought the main YouTube ads this Sunday! Someone will have to let me know how that is.

Well I used all my email time bearing my testimony so I'll have to write you all next week. Love you!

Elder Price