Monday, January 19, 2015

"Have Faith In Me"‏ Jan 19, 2015

-Faith is a word that isn't understood. I still have a lot to learn but it has power.
-The work continues.


We had Zone Training in Plymouth last Tuesday. It was serious business. There were good testimonies and talks. Elder Tidwell and I were asked to conduct a Book of Mormon workshop and I was able to learn a lot because we only had a rough idea of our plan, and we weren't sure how much time we would have. We were able to talk about how the Book of Mormon can be used to answer questions of the soul. I testified of how much more effective it is to show people answers to their questions in the scriptures than for us to just tell them. Than they learn how to find their own answers and develop a testimony of the Book of Mormon. I always learn the most when I have the opportunity to bear testimony of a principle. Usually I'm not even sure what I'm going to say but the Spirit works miracles.

Through my Book of Mormon study I have realised the power that faith has. Just by faith the Brother of Jared saw the Lord's finger. He had perfect faith so he couldn't be kept within the veil. Then the Lord is willing to show Himself because the Brother of Jared has no doubt. I have heard some amazing stories from all sorts of people here. I can't even begin to imagine how incredible that experience must be.

By faith mountains have been moved, prison walls shaken, seas parted, and many other mighty miracles. Jesus Christ has ascended to be with His Father, but that does not mean that miracles cease (Moroni 7). Miracles still happen daily. Faith is the power behind them.

Christ asked us to have faith in him (Moroni 7:33). If we have faith that he will guide us to people ready to receive the gospel (or for members, provide opportunities to do missionary work), and have faith that he will give us the Spirit to know what to say, there is nothing to fear. He wants the work to move forward so why wouldn't it? They haven't sent missionaries here not to baptise. We haven't seen very much progress with the people we are working with, but I have faith. I know that the Lord will help them receive the message and help us deliver it. I know he will help us find those who are searching. And we need to find more people to teach.

 We do have some good potentials though. We keep trying to follow up with these people and hope they really start to investigate. 

Thank you for continued love and support. I love to hear from you all, especially your testimonies and what you've learned from study. ;)


Elder Price

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