Monday, January 12, 2015

If you want something done ask the busy man. The lazy man has no time.‏

SUM UP:      (Jan 12, 2015)
-Families can be together forever.
-Imperfect people can still do perfect things.


This week was week one of the transfer so we had meetings and exchanges to take up a lot of time. We went to Plymouth for DLC and rode the Stagecoach Gold. I'm raving about this bus because it has the comfiest leather seats and wi-fi! Now we just need a device with internet on it. I also got to travel to Cornwall on exchange with Elder Wood.

I felt blessed to have an exchange with Elder Wood. I have a lot of respect for his work ethic and determination to do everything exactly as Preach My Gospel recommends. Some missionaries think he's too serious but he can't fool me, he's a pineapple. Prickly on the outside and sweet on the inside. Besides being exactly obedient and anxiously engaged, working with him gave me more motivation to work hard and strive for perfection with my planner and area book. In his companionship they are following a quote from Elder Cook, "Imperfect people can still do perfect things," which inspired them to strive for a perfect planner and area book. They write down every little commitment made and always follow up.

This exchange gave me good ideas and reminded me how important it is to seek revelation throughout the entire planning session, not just the beginning. If we are obedient and have quality faith, we are entitled to revelation for our area. So we travelled to this little village that Elder Wood and Herrod were inspired to go to. Elder Wood told me we were going to find a family that will be baptised this transfer or next, and we will teach the plan of salvation. We prayed about which little cul-de-sac to knock in the short amount of time we had. Knocking about a dozen doors, only a few got slammed in our face, multiple said we could come back, and we found this one family that was so happy. It's rare to find a good happy family, but we heard laughter coming from inside the house. I was able to testify about the plan of salvation and they arranged a return appointment. 

"T" (investigator) and her fiancé "A" (returning less active) organised a large FHE with their families and exclaimed why they're set on the gospel and how they know families can be together forever. Knowing their family situations I was pretty nervous and I even called the night a time bomb. There hasn't been a lot of support so it was a big step for them to be so bold. They even made their families join in singing children's hymns about forever families and the temple. I complimented them on their courage.

They gave us half an hour to talk about families. Don't fall over but I even got a little emotional when I was testifying. Not very often but once in a while I feel prompted to make my testimony personal I include the background of my little cousin who passed on. I've only spoken her name a few times on my mission, but when I tell people the Spirit promised me I could embrace that little angel again someday, they listen intently. I can imagine her sitting indian style in the middle of the floor when I speak. I have a firm testimony of the plan of salvation. Like Nephi, "I know God loveth his children nevertheless I do not know the meaning of all things." I can assure you that He does love us because of this he wants to bless our lives. All we have to do is ask. He can get us through anything. Jesus Christ atoned for everything we have gone through, and will yet go through.

I love you all!

Elder Price