Monday, January 5, 2015

WHAT ARE THE CHANCES?!?‏ Jan 5, 2015

-Drumroll please..... and the new companion is.... Elder Tidwell! (Read the novel for the good part)
-Missionaries <3 members
-We knew the plan before we came to Earth.

Hello. The work continues. I mean I don't know what else to tell you besides that. Hopefully I'm not the missionary that by the end of my two years all I have to say is, "Yeah we did some missionary work this week." But this week we did more missionary work. We continue to work with the same people and we have found loads of potentials recently. I hope a few of them are sincere because we're going to try and get four new investigators this week, which would be an all time high.

Monday I helped “C” orchestrate a surprise party for Elder Oleson. It's not easy to keep a secret when you're together 24/7, but it is possible. After the party Elder Oleson realised how much he helped and he had no idea. He was telling “C” who he would miss from the ward and he didn't even question that evening when she made up excuses to get some of their phone numbers.

Tuesday I got my new companion but because Elder Oleson had his driving test he messed up travel plans, and I was with them both for a little while. I joked it's like when a relationship ends because they were just better off as friends, and then they see you going out with someone else. The ex and new in the same room... yikes ;)

The new guy is Elder Tidwell from Kaysville flipping Utah. We've been able to talk about a lot of mutual friends, interests and favourite places. He was thinking I looked familiar so we were trying to figure it out. We both skied at Canyons for a while and then at Snowbasin. We graduated the same year so I could've seen him at sporting events at Davis or somewhere. He lived in Layton when he was young so he thought we might've met before. It took a couple days but one night riding the bus home we figured it out. Are you ready for this? We were talking about elementary and then I remembered I didn't always go to school in Layton and asked where he went. He went to a few schools but in third grade, Mrs. Dent's spectrum class at Kaysville elementary! I was buzzing!!! I was like, "someone call Isaac and see if he remembers this kid!" So we came all the way over to England to be assigned as best friends for a few weeks. Pretty sound.

One of our biggest goals this transfer is not to just to bring new people into the church, but to help the ward out as much as we can. Whether that is by bringing new people in or by strengthening the members we'll work on it. The relationship with missionaries and the bishopric has been spotty in the past so we are working to develop trust with them. I can feel a change in the winds happening.

Contacting this week we met more interesting people. That's not surprising but sometimes what they say is. One man has a theory that Jesus came the second time as Hitler to get revenge on the Jews. Another was telling us a story of how he saw a rainbow on his birthday so he went to Kenya to climb the mountain he believes God lives on. Looking past the crazy stories I have noticed something. Many people realise pieces of the plan of salvation on their own while we talk to them. No matter their beliefs they have part of it. This tells me that we learned the plan before. I know that it is true. We learned what we would have to endure and we trusted our Saviour to Atone for us so we chose to be born. That is truth. I have a deep respect for our Saviour and look forward to the day that I will be able to give Him a big hug because words won't be able to thank him. He loves each of you and I do too!

Elder Price