Sunday, February 1, 2015

All I Want 1/26/15

-missionary work

The work continues to crawl forward... slowly. It's a little discouraging at times because it is easy to look back and think that not much has been accomplished. Especially when all I want it to help these people find true joy, that will last FOREVER, and they don't want it. Then I look back at my journal and I know I have made an impact. Key indicators just don't tell the whole story.

We are learning how to work with the ward and especially the ward council. We continue to try and build a positive relationship with Bishop. Our ward mission leader is energetic and sometimes aggressive with missionary work but we decided we have to trust the ward in order for them to trust us. So we have invited them to come to more lessons with us. They haven't followed through yet but one of these times it will work out. The bishop cancelled on us the day before and the investigator cancelled on the teach with the ward mission leader, but this week we are hoping it will work out.

Our teaching pool is decent, but we need to find new investigators. The zone leaders decided we needed to fast because the whole zone is struggling to find new investigators, so each district fasted one day. This five day fast worked wonders for us. For our day to fast we took a lot of time to pray and plan what areas to tract in. Then when we went out and knocked we found seven potentials! We are doing all we can to help as many as possible turn into new investigators. Hopefully this week we'll see some fruit from this labour.

Besides that it's just the usual... working with the same people and trying to involve members in everything. I am still having fun and working hard, I am just hoping we see more results! Haha

Mum wanted to hear my 5 favourite things about England:
1.       Sales tax is either included or not real, and prices are usually round numbers. When a tie says £5, you give them a fiver and that's it.
2.       Boxing day was dope.
3.       Mini-roundabouts actually make a lot of sense when you understand them. It's like a three way yield, non-stop!
4.       My testimony has been challenged repeatedly and every time it comes out stronger. Even the born-again "Christians" helped strengthen it.
5.       We meet random people that LOVE life for no other reason than they decide to be happy. It's brilliant!

I love you! Next week I'll tell you some really cool things I am learning from the New Testament.

Elder Price