Monday, February 23, 2015

Bada Bing! Wit a Bible.‏ 2/23/15

-Preaching with a preacher to preachers about the Preacher.
-Jesus Christ was tempted (but for real though).

We had a lot of meetings and irregular things to keep us busy this week. I passed my interview with President Millar so it looks like I'll have to stick it out for a couple more years. Also, I got to go to Plymouth on exchanges with the zone leaders so I was able to teach uni students! It was so nice to speak with people that I can relate to so well.

I may not be in the Bible Belt with a few of my best mates but you still have to know it around here. With the amount of churches (and old people) in the area we meet a current or retired minister of some sorts almost every week. I love to see how much faith they have but it is almost sad how close they are to the truth, but because they have already felt the Spirit tell them the Bible is the truth, they are too closed minded to even consider the possibility of more being revealed. Either that or they excuse it with explaining that God inspires many different people and you can get to him in many different ways. People just don't understand... and they are so close to the truth!

You've got to roll with the punches because you know that it will be inevitable to say something unforgettable, unless you work with the Spirit. One minister of a Free Church was so close to the truth from the Bible besides that he doesn't think that baptism is necessary. He was going on about how in his church they reformed strictly to what the Bible teaches but then he couldn't explain why Paul wrote to the Corinthians about baptisms for the dead. I am really glad that most of these types of preachers that I have met don't try to bash or put us down, but it really becomes a discussion. Which can be good, or take ages to get over with. The coolest part is my testimony always seems to be boosted after these discussions. We truly have the fullness of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Sunday (yesterday) we were blessed to have 5 of the less active members, all priesthood holders, we have worked with recently find a way to church. There is hope for Paignton ward having priesthood leaders in a generation or so!

In other news, Cathy seems to be progressing now. She shocked us when we came over to read the Book of Mormon with her. She said she was in chapter 2 but when we sat down we discovered she was in 2 Nephi! The doctrine is slowly starting to stick.

No Aaron and Tabby at church again but we have a spiritual FHE about Joseph Smith planned with them so hopefully that goes well.

We are starting to implement this big new plan for Europe, and part of it is working on our family history using these booklets called My Family. I got really excited decorating and filling mine out. Unfortunately, I can't call my grandparents at the moment to hear all these cool stories but I was able to feel the Spirit of Elijah just looking at my family tree. It is important to know where we come from in this world as well as the life before we gained a physical body.

One of the things that had the biggest impact on me during study this week was reading about how Jesus was tempted by Satan at the end of his fast. I never comprehended how he really was tempted. The word that stuck out to me was "if." Not only is he tempted but by using the subtle word "if" Satan tries to make Him doubt what he already knows. He tries to make Him doubt that He did hear the Father's voice and what He is on Earth to do. By this point in Christ's life He understand His mission and His parentage, but he is still tempted. I am having a hard time explaining but I suppose most spiritual experiences aren't easy to explain. I learnt a lot about how clever the Adversary's tactics are and how we can follow Christ's example and remain obedient through the toughest challenges. In the same way I know that I am representing Jesus Christ in His true church. My journal is a treasure chest of spiritual experiences so that when I have doubts I can go back and read my own writing. I know I have felt the Spirit tell me the Book of Mormon is true, Jesus is the Saviour and Redeemer of all the world, and the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is His kingdom preparing for the second coming.

Elder Price