Monday, February 9, 2015

I'm such a good missionary!! (Or so my parents tell me.)‏ 2/9/15

This past week has been what I would classify as a regular week with ups and downs. We continue to set high goals and work to achieve them, although we aren't seeing the investigators progress like we wish. We have been struggling to know how to help them progress, but at times we get stuck. After all we can do, they have to choose to act. A few of my favorite scriptures are in Jacob 5:40-41 because it shows Heavenly Father's emotion after he has done all he can and people still don't choose righteously. With some of the people we are working with, I feel the same as these verses illustrate. Just come to church! haha

"C" has been working with the missionaries for a long time. She hasn't been to church for a few weeks now or been able to read the Book of Mormon. Although she has some valid excuses, we are praying about dropping her because she is keeping investigating at a low priority.

"A" and "T" are still living in sin and planning a wedding slowly. They finally got jobs so added measure of structure to their lives may help them be responsible and start planning. Plus they need the funding to get married. We're basically finished with lessons so we continue to work with them at YSA meetings and ensure they get CPR (church, pray, read).

"D" and "G" are the couple we are working with that accepted a baptismal date. Our difficulty with them comes with a language barrier. We think that we have explained a principle clearly only to uncover some concerns in our next visit. They have a lot of potential if only they would read the Book of Mormon chapters we leave them and come to church. I guess that it all depends on their desire to change though. I will continue to pray to have the Spirit tell us how to help them.

My spiritual progress is astounding! I marvel at how much my testimony continues to grow every morning through study. I am diving deep into the New Testament and my love for the Saviour and his teachings, is abounding. I <3 the Sermon on the Mount. Similar to the former Sister Mattingley, personal study time is my favourite hour of the day. The personal insights that the Spirit can whisper to us when we seek them in the right environment are remarkable.  I am so grateful for the missionary schedule which is clearly inspired. If sacred time (mostly planning and study) is followed properly, it is sure to be a good day.

The relationship with the ward council is strengthening. I would be up for a new challenge if I was to be transferred, but the bonds we have been able to build with the leadership makes me want to continue working with them. We have finally accomplished a positive relationship with Bishop Eden and we have the ward mission leader and his wife coming out to teach with us tonight. This will be the first lesson he has been able to come out with us if it works. He is energetic in his missionary work but he likes to do it his own way.

We are seeing great progress in Paignton Ward! It seems to happen at a dreadfully slow pace but the work is moving. Soon it will hasten.

I know that my family (and many others) are praying for me. Thank you. The support I can feel is amazing. I know that a few of you asked in prayer that I may be able to work with the bishop better. I know that these prayers were answered. To do the Lord's work we have to do it his way, and he wants us to work with the ward. Besides, how could we baptise someone into a ward we don't trust? I have noticed in the past I wanted members to trust us but I had no trust in them. Trust is part of a relationship and it goes two ways. Now that I am putting my trust in them, they can trust me.

If anyone would have tried to explain how much love I would develop for the ward members here I would've thought they're mental. You'd have to be a loon to love and appreciate people out here in the south west! Once again, I have the opportunity to admit I have been humbled. I love the people here. They each contribute something that is special and vital to the work here. I am blessed to be able to serve them for this short period of time. I haven't had a moves call yet, so fingers crossed I'm staying one more transfer. Then I can see E Oleson at zone conference which would be brilliant!

LOL! <---that means lots of love.

Elder Price