Monday, March 2, 2015

Cloudy, with a chance of sunshine... maybe.‏ March 2, 2015

-Pray to discover your priesthood leaders are inspired.
-Trust that the inspiration they receive is from God.


I have tried not to get discouraged this past week but it can be disappointing seeing those investigators and less active members that committed to come to church this week decided not to attend. I know it comes down to their agency but I want them to experience the joy that has come into my life as I have become converted to the gospel! I am determined to do everything we can to help them make those steps. Anyway...

This past week we were able to share some very spiritual moments with people we are working with. My favourite was a Family Home Evening with Aaron and Tabby (young couple) about Joseph Smith. I typed up an agenda and everybody had an assignment. Elder Tidwell and I started off with a duet, Joseph Smith's First Prayer to the tune of Come Thou Fount, which set the tone for a spiritual evening. We watched the Restoration movie and had a short testimony meeting. I was so grateful to hear how Aaron and Tabby's testimonies have grown but I couldn't help being a little upset that they decided church wasn't worth the bus fare for them. This week we will have to have a serious lesson about the blessings of sacrifice, sabbath day worship, and priorities.

This morning I read a talk by President Eyring titled Continuing Revelation that helped strengthen my testimony of inspired leadership. I am grateful for the direction we receive from the mission president, from the zone leaders, and from the ward leadership. I know President Monson is a prophet of God, and so are his counselors and the Apostles. We each need to receive a confirmation from the Holy Spirit that our leaders are inspired, so that we can trust the guidance we receive. When we have that confirmation, we know we aren't trusting in them but in the inspiration they received from the Lord. This can include guidance given to entire wards or individuals.

The first scripture mastery I ever memorised in seminary was 1 Nephi 3:7 and it has been a favorite since then. While studying this talk by President Eyring I learnt that Nephi's response wasn't, "I will go do what my father Lehi commanded," but his response was "I will go and do  the things which the Lord hath commanded." The difference between Nephi and his waster brothers was that Nephi already had that confirmation that his father was a prophet of God. His brothers thought Lehi was visionary man AKA a complete loon.

My brothers and sisters, think of a prophet, bishop, parent, or any other leader in your life. Then pray with real intent, meaning you are willing to act, to find out that they are inspired by the Lord Himself. I promise you will be able to receive more direction with a humble heart and see the Lord's hand in your life.

With love,

Elder Jordan Q. Price

PS Please forgive my spelling. These Brits have me so confused adding the letter U and swapping S for Z.