Monday, March 9, 2015

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-We're about to have a few serious DTRs.
-A personal testimony is the most important thing you can earn in this life.


Saturday was a really long day for us. I don't think anything went according to plans, we got lost, and we were tired. After church we decided we would rather have a rough Saturday than Sunday though because church turned out great! We had three investigators and six less-actives attending. It was spiritual right from Priesthood meeting (first hour) and an investigator that we had never met before even cried. He was a bit of a let down because he doesn't want visits yet but that's not the point, church was so good! Haha!

Tuesday we were surprised to have the ZLs outside when we were heading out for the day. They joined us for an hour and then afterwards they had a serious talk with us about dropping investigators that aren't progressing. They had been praying with the APs about our district and they asked us to find greater commitment in or investigators or move to people who will commit. I think I have justified working with these people that aren't progressing because of the ward's unusual attitude towards bringing people into the church slowly. Another big struggle has been adjusting the expectations of these people because of the relaxed attitude of past missionaries. Time to have a nice DTR (if you don't know what that means just ask Angi). Next week we might have big news, but maybe not because I hate breakups. ;)

So England is pretty much the same as it was last week so I'll talk about something more interesting, the Gospel! The New Testament has been unfamiliar to me and I discovered why. The first semester of studying the New Testament in seminary I was a peer tutor in Brother Hedulnd's special needs seminary class so we usually studied the picture book and did activities instead. As I dive deep into the testimonies of Matthew, Mark, and Luke I have come to feel so much closer to my Saviour. I feel like I know Him better. I am better understanding how I need to be as I learn about His perfect example. I love spending time learning about His teachings and examining how much charity He had, even in awful situations.

This morning I read a talk by President Uchdorf called Receiving a Testimony of Light and Truth. He includes a simple, yet complete, process of how to develop a testimony. It is a promise received by revelation from God. He concludes the process by promising:

If you will do these things, you have a promise from God—who is bound by His word—that He will manifest the truth to you by the power of the Holy Ghost. He will grant you greater light that will allow you to look through the darkness and witness unimaginably glorious vistas incomprehensible to mortal sight. 
Some may say that the steps are too hard or that they are not worth the effort. But I suggest that this personal testimony of the gospel and the Church is the most important thing you can earn in this life. It will not only bless and guide you during this life, but it will also have a direct bearing on your life throughout eternity.

A personal testimony is the most important thing we can earn in this life, I really believe that. A mission has shown me it truly is more important than a day on the slopes or a motorcycle, the education or career, today or this year, because we need it for eternity. The Gospel of Jesus Christ is the way to eternal life and eternal families. I am so grateful for the testimony which I have been able to shape and develop here in England. It has been tested and tried but it always comes out stronger as I turn to the scriptures and turn to my Heavenly Father in prayer.

If your testimony isn't where you want it to be then please, take the time to read the talk suggested above and heed his advice. You won't regret it.  


Elder Price