Monday, June 29, 2015

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Sum Up
- Each of God's children are unique people with their own personality.
- Welcome to Missionary Economics 1010 (I'm a nerd).
- Feel free to give me some feedback about these emails. After all, they're not for my benefit.

The Epistle

Before you jump to conclusions about the friends I've made, remember that they can change. If you label or stereotype the people we have been working with you would picture smokers, drinkers, people with all sorts of religious backgrounds and problems, but you would overlook the love that Heavenly Father has for each of His children. Each person we meet has unique desires, concerns, and burdens that can be satisfied in the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

A few of our friends who we see the most are: Karen the sincere investigator who is involved with Spiritualism. You might think that it is a negative thing but the compensatory blessing of being able to recognise the Holy Ghost when we are teaching has been amazing. How she described the feelings she got as we watched the video of the restoration were marvellous. She gave the textbook answers. Her baptismal date is on the 25th of July.

Barry is a really cool guy who has been able to fit in scripture study and prayers between episodes of Prison Break (don't start because you'll never stop). He came to church with us and seemed to really enjoy it. Hopefully he'll be baptised on the 25th of July as well.

James is an interesting guy. He has studied all sorts of religions after he's had a few intense spiritual experiences (the typical foretelling natural disasters and such) and he had actually read bits of the Book of Mormon online before we met him. He even prayed at the end of our first lesson but he couldn't contain his hyperactive cackle so he had to restart three times. It turned out pretty well but we're going to have to talk about the Word of Wisdom next time.

Mick is a biker (Hell's Angels) who was baptised last January. He is well known among the missionaries and members. If you want to hear interesting stories, come meet him. His life has been a journey to say the least. Saturday we were excited to invite him to bless the sacrament, and yesterday we were able to see him use the priesthood he holds. He got a suit three weeks ago and although he is embarrassed to tear past his friends wearing a suit while riding his trike, he has a strong testimony. When we were in the chapel I pulled out the extra black tie I brought and he looked at me a little confused. "I think you're going to need to do up a few more buttons," I smirked. He doesn't have feeling in lots of his fingers so I was able to help dress him. I felt like I was getting my son (or grandpa) ready for his first school dance. His wife Mags is investigating the church as well. They have already visited the temple grounds and someday they'll be able to go inside.

We have some other amazing people we see too but I'll cut myself short on the shoutouts.

This is ridiculously nerdy but I'm completely over it. I am unashamed of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and of my interest in economics. Last night I was pondering about an economic prinicple called "The Iron Law of Diminishing Returns." Basically the value of a product or service goes down each time it is utilised. For example, each additional custard filled donut I consume is less satisfying than the first. Then, while I was thinking about this I began to wonder if this happens with the Spirit as well. Does each spiritual experience in my life have a diminishing utility, or a decreased value? Does the effect of the Atonement become less satisfying each time? Does the entire gospel of Jesus Christ lose value over time as I study it too much?

This morning my Mum's email answered my prayer. She shared a spiritual thought each week, which often are answers to questions I have, proving how the Spirit works through parents. This is from a devotional given by L Tom Perry in 1987. He offered three guiding principles that can be utilized by anyone who desires a life defined by purpose and direction. First, do your best with the talents God has given you. Second, subscribe to basic, tried-and-true principles. Third, develop character. Obviously he expounded on these principles but you understand my point. He said:

"Those three principles, he assured, will not depreciate with time.  They will endure through time and all eternity.

"It is as certain as life that real joy comes from partaking of the fruit that will never perish.  Real tragedy comes from following a path that only leads to heartache and misery.  God has revealed His will to mankind.  He has charted a course that will lead us back to the joy of His eternal presence."

The Atonement of Jesus Christ is eternal and its fruit will have the same powerful effect each time we apply it.

Elder Price

Picture: Elder Price and Elder Tunnicliffe getting a lift on one of the only motorcycles missionaries can ride. Mick and his homemade tricycle.image1.JPG
Who makes the best fish and chips.  The Codfather.

Monday, June 22, 2015

Life of a Salesman or Riot, you choose.‏  6/21/15

Sum up
Birthday shoutout to the best dad ever! Can missionary work hurt the economy? Depends on the industry.

The Epistle

Happy birthday to mi padre! I can't remember what year it is but he's getting pretty old so congratulations! Hopefully he can still handle playing in the mountains when I finish my full-time mission. In sacrament meeting yesterday they had a few people speaking about their fathers and all the things they have learned from them. I am so grateful that I have a talented father that taught me how to think rationally, solve problems, complete projects, and see the bigger picture. On the longest music fast of my life I still hear Yellowcard singing this chorus:

Father I will always be
that same boy that stood by the sea
and watched you tower over me
now I'm older I wanna be the same as you.

It goes on but you get the point. I have become who I am because of many great examples in my life, especially my dad.

Additionally I'd like to note how meaningful a personal relationship with my Father in Heaven has become to me. I am full of wonder by the love that He has for each one of us. The Almighty God, loves and cares for each one of us individually. How is that possible? I dare you to find out. ;)

One of the coolest stories I read in study this week was in the second half of Acts 19. Paul is converting people like mad in the city Ephesus. That's not the best part though, he is such a good missionary that he is hurting the economy. Ephesus thrives on the travel and tourism industry while people visit the temple of Artemis/Diana. Some of the people are tentmakers and some of them sell merchandise including trinkets of idols. (You may be catching on to why I like this story so much.) People are starting to believe in Jesus Christ so the merchants and the leaders gather the city into a stadium and are starting a riot! They end up chanting for hours, "GREAT IS DIANA OF THE EPHESIANS!" They chant for hours and Paul is so fired up that he wants to go into the stadium and rebuke the people again. Forget "cruisin for a bruisin," Paul is asking to get stoned, again. His friends are smart enough to hold him back and they end up leaving the city.

Imagine if we had that much courage to stand up for our beliefs. We don't need to go soapbox preaching or anything but we should pray for the courage to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ to our friends. All it takes is a desire and effort. Heavenly Father will provide opportunities, strengthen us, and help us know what to say. It's a work of love but it begins when we become converted ourselves and then love others enough to invite. Imagine the industries of filth that could be extinguished.


Elder Price

Monday, June 15, 2015

‏  6/15/15

Sum Up
-I met Elder Holland. A full time mission should change the individual forever. There is a desperate need for everyone to spread the gospel.
-S/O to Sister Collette Nebeker for calling me Jordan instead of Elder Price. That was weird.

The Epistle

My head is still spinning that I have left my second area. Time flies when you're having fun right? Monday morning Elder Hartshorn and I flew from Guernsey to England and traveled to the mission home where we would part ways. I forgot to even say bye but we had a mission conference Friday with Elder Holland so I saw the whole mission (and the London mission). From there I was road tripping to Portsmouth to meet Elder Tunnicliffe. We took a ferry and a short train tour area in Ryde, Isle of Wight. I was transferred just in time for the massive Isle of Wight Music Festival. The Black Keys are here!

Elder Tunnicliffe brings joy into my life. He is fairly young but he is optimistic and laughs all the time. We're already best friends. He is from York (not Kaysville again) so it's really cool not to have an American companion just for the new experience. His trainer finished his full-time mission halfway through training so I get to finish up. Training is fantastic because it reminds me of lots of little things that I have forgotten about or just gotten lazy with.

The elder I replaced on the island returned home to a relatively poor island near Fiji. Tuesday evening Elder Tunnicliffe felt like he needed to look at his Skype for some reason and his trainer was trying to contact him in an emergency. He was having major issues with his travel plans so after two long flights and a lot of stress, he was in Fiji broke. If the flight issues didn't get sorted then he would have to wait a week to catch another one. I realised how fortunate I have been my entire life. This missionary never needed shoes before his mission and so often we caught up in things that really don't matter.

Things that do matter are things that can last. Money, careers, and material goods are necessary but they don't survive in the eternities. I am so grateful that I was born into a nice family where I have been able to learn the gospel. I am grateful that I have a missionary schedule that entices me to study the scriptures so much to develop my own testimony, which is something that is paramount in eternity. I am so grateful for loved ones in my life that I plan on being with for a LONG time (like forever).

Friday was one of the greatest experiences of my life. We gathered at Hyde Park chapel to meet and learn from an Apostle of the Lord. Elder Jeffrey R Holland has been one of my favourites because he declares the doctrine zealously so it was a dream come true to be able to briefly meet him. What I didn't anticipate was how soft and squishy his hand was. I was more nervous about pronouncing my name properly than anything else. Then in his talk he explained that he loves us but he really doesn't care what our name is or where we are from, but that it was our personal interview. He literally looked into my soul and I am proud to say that I was confident to meet his gaze because I have been trying my best to fulfil my purpose as a servant of the Lord. I have plenty of shortcomings, but I know that through the grace of Jesus Christ we can overcome anything.

Elder Holland bore powerful testimony of the effect that a full time mission should have on our lives. How can someone wear the name tag and proclaim His gospel for two years just to take it all back? Returning home from a mission does not mean regressing into an old way of life. Of course I will be doing a lot different things (skiing, dating, listening to ADTR) but returning home from a mission should be another step forward in the gospel. I should be continuing to strengthen my faith and continually coming unto Christ to be perfected in Him. Elder Holland absolutely loved his mission. He served in Southern England and he was actually companions with Elder Cook for awhile.

Now that we are on the tail end of the great influx of missionaries that came with the age change, the size of the mission is decreasing every transfer. The world needs more full time missionaries are more members willing to rise to their duty. Something interesting I gained from the conference was an even greater desire to serve a senior couple mission someday. He testified of the love the Lord has for those people for their service. He didn't necessarily say this but the Spirit whispered to me that if anyone wants to serve but doesn't know how it'll work, the Lord will provide. D&C 4:3 "Therefore, if ye have desires to serve God ye are called to the work." I promise that if you pray for a missionary opportunity, no matter what type, you will receive one. Prayers are answered.

Yesterday I met a couple Guerns on holiday here and they reminded me I miss Guernsey really bad. I especially miss all of my friends there. The missionaries, the people we were teaching, and the branch were stellar. They'll stay in my prayers but I am excited to be working with the ward here. There are around 100 active members and they feed us too much. A new ward mission leader was just called and he is passionate about missionary work. I hope to learn how to work with members to find people to teach just like you learn in the MTC how it's supposed to happen. We will be accomplishing loads this transfer.

I love being a missionary! Jesus Christ lives! The church is true!

Elder Price

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Island life for me!  6/8/15

In a few minutes Elder Hartshorn and I will be departing to the airport.  
Guernsey South is being closed and left in the capable hands of Elder Deaton 
and Hernandez. I will miss the people here.

I am being moved to the Isle of Wight to finish training a missionary

who has only been out one transfer! I am excited for new challenges.

Yesterday Stake Conference was broadcasted from Scotland. It was a

powerful meeting. Elder Holland threw down about the importance and

veracity of the Book of Mormon. We were grateful to have our friend

James with us because I felt like a good portion of Elder Holland's

talk was speaking right to him. Additionally, a few days before I

prayed for a stronger testimony of the prophet Joseph Smith and my

prayers were answered. It was amazing and we get to have a mission

conference with him Friday in Hyde Park.

Scripture of the week is Proverbs 3:5-6

 Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths.

I love you all! Hopefully I will have much more time to email next

week or maybe catch some wi-if at the airport. Cheery!

Elder Price

Made it to the Isle of Wight safe and sound. I miss Guernsey already

but I am so stoked to be here with Elder Tunnicliffe from York England!

New address:

Flat 28, Balfour Court

Cross Street

Ryde, Isle Of Wight

PO33 2FG


Elder Price

Monday, June 1, 2015

Losing ‏ 6/1/15

Sum up
Pray for the love of God + forgive everyone = feel His love = winning

Holding onto grudges = distancing yourself from God = losing

The Epistle

I had multiple great experiences this last week. I was reminded multiple times of tender mercies that the Lord has shown me in my life. I know He loves me.

I have been praying a lot lately to have more charity. I have tried to demonstrate the love of Christ even when people choose to be nasty. It helps me notice how much better I feel when we are walking away I choose to say, "They're probably just having a bad day." Or I might try, "They're just confused." I can't choose what people say or do but I can choose how I react.

One evening while praying I had an amazing experience. It was a difficult day. It can be hard not to let it get to you when people reject your best intentions. I just want them to feel the love of Jesus Christ! But when you hold onto someone else's negative actions, you are the only one that is affected. If I hold a grudge about anything I feel like I'm the one losing.

I haven't felt like I have been holding grudges or any negative feelings towards these people, but that evening I decided to ask my Heavenly Father to forgive them and to help them find the strength they need to carry on. I prayed specifically for individuals to get through trials they may be facing. I felt so much love and happiness enter my heart. I got a glimpse of the love that Heavenly Father has for His children. It's amazing and indescribable! True joy from the love of Christ is something that cannot be perceived until one experiences it for themselves (see 3 Nephi 17:17). It makes me smile when nothing is even happening, the way that only true love can. It's fantastic to begin to understand how God loves each of us individually, even though He is so great and we seem relatively insignificant.

I have also learnt to forgive myself. Holding onto mistakes, big or small, only weighs me down. It is important to feel that godly sorrow so we make sure we change when we repent, but there is no sense in dwelling on the past. His grace is sufficient and as I learn to apply it I am so much happier. I know I will continue to make mistakes because I am far from perfect, but I can become perfect through Christ. 

I gained a deeper understanding of how the gospel of Jesus Christ gives us purpose. This all came to me while we were watching the documentary Meet the Mormons at our ward activity. While eating popcorn and Twinkies (three cheers for American snacks) I started to realise how many different levels finding purpose can positively effect all aspects of a life. If we understand why we are here on Earth and we have worthy goals, minuscule activities can become meaningful. As missionaries, everything we do should contribute to our purpose (invite others to come unto Christ. At home I will use this same idea to cut out time wasting activities and replace them with things that can add to my purpose as a son of God and a member of my family.

Love you!

Elder Price