Monday, June 22, 2015

Life of a Salesman or Riot, you choose.‏  6/21/15

Sum up
Birthday shoutout to the best dad ever! Can missionary work hurt the economy? Depends on the industry.

The Epistle

Happy birthday to mi padre! I can't remember what year it is but he's getting pretty old so congratulations! Hopefully he can still handle playing in the mountains when I finish my full-time mission. In sacrament meeting yesterday they had a few people speaking about their fathers and all the things they have learned from them. I am so grateful that I have a talented father that taught me how to think rationally, solve problems, complete projects, and see the bigger picture. On the longest music fast of my life I still hear Yellowcard singing this chorus:

Father I will always be
that same boy that stood by the sea
and watched you tower over me
now I'm older I wanna be the same as you.

It goes on but you get the point. I have become who I am because of many great examples in my life, especially my dad.

Additionally I'd like to note how meaningful a personal relationship with my Father in Heaven has become to me. I am full of wonder by the love that He has for each one of us. The Almighty God, loves and cares for each one of us individually. How is that possible? I dare you to find out. ;)

One of the coolest stories I read in study this week was in the second half of Acts 19. Paul is converting people like mad in the city Ephesus. That's not the best part though, he is such a good missionary that he is hurting the economy. Ephesus thrives on the travel and tourism industry while people visit the temple of Artemis/Diana. Some of the people are tentmakers and some of them sell merchandise including trinkets of idols. (You may be catching on to why I like this story so much.) People are starting to believe in Jesus Christ so the merchants and the leaders gather the city into a stadium and are starting a riot! They end up chanting for hours, "GREAT IS DIANA OF THE EPHESIANS!" They chant for hours and Paul is so fired up that he wants to go into the stadium and rebuke the people again. Forget "cruisin for a bruisin," Paul is asking to get stoned, again. His friends are smart enough to hold him back and they end up leaving the city.

Imagine if we had that much courage to stand up for our beliefs. We don't need to go soapbox preaching or anything but we should pray for the courage to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ to our friends. All it takes is a desire and effort. Heavenly Father will provide opportunities, strengthen us, and help us know what to say. It's a work of love but it begins when we become converted ourselves and then love others enough to invite. Imagine the industries of filth that could be extinguished.


Elder Price