Monday, June 1, 2015

Losing ‏ 6/1/15

Sum up
Pray for the love of God + forgive everyone = feel His love = winning

Holding onto grudges = distancing yourself from God = losing

The Epistle

I had multiple great experiences this last week. I was reminded multiple times of tender mercies that the Lord has shown me in my life. I know He loves me.

I have been praying a lot lately to have more charity. I have tried to demonstrate the love of Christ even when people choose to be nasty. It helps me notice how much better I feel when we are walking away I choose to say, "They're probably just having a bad day." Or I might try, "They're just confused." I can't choose what people say or do but I can choose how I react.

One evening while praying I had an amazing experience. It was a difficult day. It can be hard not to let it get to you when people reject your best intentions. I just want them to feel the love of Jesus Christ! But when you hold onto someone else's negative actions, you are the only one that is affected. If I hold a grudge about anything I feel like I'm the one losing.

I haven't felt like I have been holding grudges or any negative feelings towards these people, but that evening I decided to ask my Heavenly Father to forgive them and to help them find the strength they need to carry on. I prayed specifically for individuals to get through trials they may be facing. I felt so much love and happiness enter my heart. I got a glimpse of the love that Heavenly Father has for His children. It's amazing and indescribable! True joy from the love of Christ is something that cannot be perceived until one experiences it for themselves (see 3 Nephi 17:17). It makes me smile when nothing is even happening, the way that only true love can. It's fantastic to begin to understand how God loves each of us individually, even though He is so great and we seem relatively insignificant.

I have also learnt to forgive myself. Holding onto mistakes, big or small, only weighs me down. It is important to feel that godly sorrow so we make sure we change when we repent, but there is no sense in dwelling on the past. His grace is sufficient and as I learn to apply it I am so much happier. I know I will continue to make mistakes because I am far from perfect, but I can become perfect through Christ. 

I gained a deeper understanding of how the gospel of Jesus Christ gives us purpose. This all came to me while we were watching the documentary Meet the Mormons at our ward activity. While eating popcorn and Twinkies (three cheers for American snacks) I started to realise how many different levels finding purpose can positively effect all aspects of a life. If we understand why we are here on Earth and we have worthy goals, minuscule activities can become meaningful. As missionaries, everything we do should contribute to our purpose (invite others to come unto Christ. At home I will use this same idea to cut out time wasting activities and replace them with things that can add to my purpose as a son of God and a member of my family.

Love you!

Elder Price