Monday, June 29, 2015

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Sum Up
- Each of God's children are unique people with their own personality.
- Welcome to Missionary Economics 1010 (I'm a nerd).
- Feel free to give me some feedback about these emails. After all, they're not for my benefit.

The Epistle

Before you jump to conclusions about the friends I've made, remember that they can change. If you label or stereotype the people we have been working with you would picture smokers, drinkers, people with all sorts of religious backgrounds and problems, but you would overlook the love that Heavenly Father has for each of His children. Each person we meet has unique desires, concerns, and burdens that can be satisfied in the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

A few of our friends who we see the most are: Karen the sincere investigator who is involved with Spiritualism. You might think that it is a negative thing but the compensatory blessing of being able to recognise the Holy Ghost when we are teaching has been amazing. How she described the feelings she got as we watched the video of the restoration were marvellous. She gave the textbook answers. Her baptismal date is on the 25th of July.

Barry is a really cool guy who has been able to fit in scripture study and prayers between episodes of Prison Break (don't start because you'll never stop). He came to church with us and seemed to really enjoy it. Hopefully he'll be baptised on the 25th of July as well.

James is an interesting guy. He has studied all sorts of religions after he's had a few intense spiritual experiences (the typical foretelling natural disasters and such) and he had actually read bits of the Book of Mormon online before we met him. He even prayed at the end of our first lesson but he couldn't contain his hyperactive cackle so he had to restart three times. It turned out pretty well but we're going to have to talk about the Word of Wisdom next time.

Mick is a biker (Hell's Angels) who was baptised last January. He is well known among the missionaries and members. If you want to hear interesting stories, come meet him. His life has been a journey to say the least. Saturday we were excited to invite him to bless the sacrament, and yesterday we were able to see him use the priesthood he holds. He got a suit three weeks ago and although he is embarrassed to tear past his friends wearing a suit while riding his trike, he has a strong testimony. When we were in the chapel I pulled out the extra black tie I brought and he looked at me a little confused. "I think you're going to need to do up a few more buttons," I smirked. He doesn't have feeling in lots of his fingers so I was able to help dress him. I felt like I was getting my son (or grandpa) ready for his first school dance. His wife Mags is investigating the church as well. They have already visited the temple grounds and someday they'll be able to go inside.

We have some other amazing people we see too but I'll cut myself short on the shoutouts.

This is ridiculously nerdy but I'm completely over it. I am unashamed of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and of my interest in economics. Last night I was pondering about an economic prinicple called "The Iron Law of Diminishing Returns." Basically the value of a product or service goes down each time it is utilised. For example, each additional custard filled donut I consume is less satisfying than the first. Then, while I was thinking about this I began to wonder if this happens with the Spirit as well. Does each spiritual experience in my life have a diminishing utility, or a decreased value? Does the effect of the Atonement become less satisfying each time? Does the entire gospel of Jesus Christ lose value over time as I study it too much?

This morning my Mum's email answered my prayer. She shared a spiritual thought each week, which often are answers to questions I have, proving how the Spirit works through parents. This is from a devotional given by L Tom Perry in 1987. He offered three guiding principles that can be utilized by anyone who desires a life defined by purpose and direction. First, do your best with the talents God has given you. Second, subscribe to basic, tried-and-true principles. Third, develop character. Obviously he expounded on these principles but you understand my point. He said:

"Those three principles, he assured, will not depreciate with time.  They will endure through time and all eternity.

"It is as certain as life that real joy comes from partaking of the fruit that will never perish.  Real tragedy comes from following a path that only leads to heartache and misery.  God has revealed His will to mankind.  He has charted a course that will lead us back to the joy of His eternal presence."

The Atonement of Jesus Christ is eternal and its fruit will have the same powerful effect each time we apply it.

Elder Price

Picture: Elder Price and Elder Tunnicliffe getting a lift on one of the only motorcycles missionaries can ride. Mick and his homemade tricycle.image1.JPG
Who makes the best fish and chips.  The Codfather.