Monday, July 20, 2015

Riding a dragon
My new favorite bike

Two lefts don't make a right, but three do.  July 19/15

Sum up
Different comp, different flat, same ward, same work. I still love reading the scriptures.

The Epistle
The news... I have killed another area. Elder Tunnicliffe is moving to Christchurch and I'm staying on the island but I'm moving to Newport. It's not far, just right in the centre of the island. I don't particularly like Newport but I'll get over it. My companion will be Elder Graham from Kearns, UT. The good news is that we have already been on exchanges and served in this ward for the past six weeks so we already get on well.

I'm a little busted up that Elder Tunnicliffe is moving. We bonded this week. It took me a whole transfer but I may have finally learned to give constructive feedback instead of negative criticism. I don't think I was "exercising dominion" or anything, but I have improved with the approach I take so that it is "handled upon principles of righteousness" (See D&C 121:34-46). I am far from perfect but I know that learning this will help me deal with major issues in a positive manner, and I can learn to get over the minor imperfections that don't matter. It will help me be a better friend, son, brother, and eventually, husband and father.

Unfortunately, although Bishop still announced it in church, there is no baptism happening this Saturday. I'll have to celebrate the 25th of July in some other way. Karen is still on track to be baptised but it'll just be moved back two weeks. We still have hope for Barry to be baptised but he isn't quite on track yet. With the two areas combining I'll inherit the three people with baptismal dates that Elder Graham has already been working with. We'll be on our toes this transfer!

My favourite chapter from study this week was Alma 30. Korihor is deceiving the people and being a pretty disobedient bloke. He's been taught by the devil how to use charm and trickery to lead the people away from their faith. When he contends with Alma he uses the same reasoning that people try to confront us with all the time. I engrossed in the story when Korihor asked for a  sign. Alma's reply is found in verse 44.

But Alma said unto him: Thou hast had signs enough; will ye tempt your God? Will ye say, Show unto me a sign, when ye have the testimony of all these thy brethren, and also all the holy prophets? The scriptures are laid before thee, yea, and all things denote there is a God; yea, even the earth, and all things that are upon the face of it, yea, and its motion, yea, and also all the planets which move in their regular form do witness that there is a Supreme Creator.

Boom! People constantly ask for more evidence but they fail to examine what has already been given. Often we meet people who don't read scriptures but they believe. They will say, "There are too many coincidences in this universe for there not to be a God." And it's true! One of my favourite examples is the probability that a solar/lunar eclipse could happen randomly. The distances and masses of the planets are too perfect for there to not be a God. Ignore all of this evidence and I still have the burning sensation from the Spirit when I read and pray about the scriptures. I know they are the word of God.

Believing is important, but real faith motivates action. A verse that impacted me this morning was Alma 37:41.

Nevertheless, because those miracles were worked by small means it did show unto them marvelous works. They were slothful, and forgot to exercise their faith and diligence and then those marvelous works ceased, and they did not progress in their journey;

When an individual gets slothful they forget to exercise their faith and diligence. In result, miracles cease and the individual stops progress in their journey. Each of us are at a different stage in our journey of life. It doesn't matter so much where you are, as long as you are going in the right direction. Exercise your faith and do those things now that are vital for your eternal progression.


Elder Price

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