Thursday, September 17, 2015

Osbourne House
Osbourne House
What's that book called?  If you feed a pig a fig!

The High Road   9/14/15

Sneak Peek
This week's edition includes:
-Answers to prayers
-Tender mercies
-and a change in music

Main Feature
And now, for the presentation you have been waiting for...
This week (just like every week) I have seen quite a few tender mercies.

One morning as we were leaving the flat to go contacting I prayed to bump into someone we have met before and we ran into 5 in one hour! Typically we would see one or two if we're lucky. 

Wednesday we had district meeting and I was asked to give a presentation about obedience. I testified that God gives us commandments for our benefit. I always describe them as advice from a perfect Father who knows everything. We should probably listen right? Then I continued to share examples from the scriptures of people responding to something difficult willingly. My favourite is 1 Nephi 3:7 in which we read Nephi's response to a command from Lehi. Nephi didn't say, I'll go do what my dad asked me to do but rather, "I will go and do the things which the Lord hath commanded." I testified of inspired leaders and prophets revealing God's will.

Less than five minutes later our district leader dropped a bomb. "I forgot to announce," he began, "At MLC it's been decided that the Lord wants us to change the music we listen to. The standard is too relaxed so the recommendation is only Mormon Tabernacle Choir or hymns on the LDS Music app." Flipping that's difficult. If I hadn't just cried over how important obedience is minutes before I would've responded, "Forget that!" I know that the Lord knows me personally. He wants me to listen and he provides a way to accomplish everything he asks of us.

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This week I read Our Search For Happiness by M Russel Ballard. I felt overwhelming feelings of peace, joy, and warmth that can only be understood as the Holy Ghost. I used to have questions regarding doctrine on exaltation but this book really helped. I knelt in prayer and sincerely asked my Father in Heaven if it was true that I can become like him and I felt that same feeling. The next morning I discovered Romans 8:16-17 and later that day we had to explain this principle. Those two verses worked perfectly.

Yesterday Bishop hosted a cottage evening. We felt that it was really important for Mick and Mags to be to this one but it was raining and his trike shorts out in the rain. Elder Graham prayed for the rain to stop so Mick and Mags could come and the sun came out right away. It was almost too easy.

I know the Saviour lives. I know he loves me. He is leading this work. He is living, loving, leading.


Elder Price


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