Monday, September 21, 2015

The Fortunate  9/21/15
Sum Up
1 year already! We are finding more people to teach and praying for help.

The Epistle

I'm not sure what I can say to you today. Time is flying by so fast it feels like I just emailed yesterday. This week brings my year mark. 1 year as a full time missionary already!

Friday some plans were changed and so we had an extra hour and a half before our next appointment. We prayed about which direction to go and then we set off. We're talking to everyone along the way, not seeing many results yet. After greeting someone I often use my favourite opener, "What do you think heaven looks like?" Some people are entertained by the question and I can get an idea for what they believe from their response. Also I can skip the boring small talk that I hate. I was trying to ask this lady on a mobility scooter when she started scooting away from me. Instead of chasing her down the pavement there was a woman's voice across the street that asked, "Well what do you think it looks like than?"

Sylvia was genuine. She didn't know too much about the church but she has faith and is open to more being out there. We didn't get her details but her sincere interest in the restoration and in the Book of Mormon gives me hope that she will call. If she doesn't the next time she meets missionaries she'll be much closer to developing a testimony of the restored gospel of Jesus Christ.

Although we don't have major miracles to report (yet) I know that the Lord's hand is guiding this work. Whenever we pray sincerely, believing that we'll get an answer, and then take time to listen, something like this happens.

Another mini-miracle this week happened when a ward member invited a friend to church. The miracle, they came! Funny enough, my first encounter with Neil was when I went into the toilets. After I used the loo and came out he asked if there was anywhere he could get a drink for his young children. There was still half an hour until church started so we were able to tour the church and chat too. I am really excited to meet with him again! Pray that all goes well!

Elder Graham and I have already been invited to a few homes for Christmas and Boxing Day. It's a bit early to know but the chances of us both being here in two transfers is slim. I really hope to stay on the island though. I love the ward here and especially all the friends I've made.

Paul is doing great! He is exemplary in study and he is sharing his conversion with friends. Bishop has even asked him to be an assistant ward clerk. Karen is also doing well. She enjoys church and loves watching Mormon Messages on her phone. We like her family too.

Here are a few of the random bits I have learnt over this year:
·                         The church is true. Along with that comes LOTS of doctrine.
·                         I am far from perfect.
·                         Patience (humbly accepting God's timing) is required for oneself as well as for others.
·                         Trust goes both ways.
·                         Living with "no regrets" does not imply developing an oblivion to care but rather, it     means making good choices and enjoying the journey.
·                         This is a troubled world. The gospel brings peace and happiness.
·                         I really enjoy teaching the gospel when people listen.
·                         I have had an extremely fortunate upbringing spiritually and temporally.
I love you all! Keep loving life, sending me pictures, and praying for my friends.

Elder Price