Monday, October 19, 2015

Living the dream ;)  10/19/15

Sum Up
Diversity in High Wycombe. Small flat. Working hard is satisfying. 

The Epistle
I am struggling to know where to begin with this email because there is so much to fill you in on! I will try and cover all of the bases.

High Wycombe is close to London. They say that London isn't English anymore. High Wycombe is the most diverse place I have ever been. There is a large Pakistan community here as well as Bangladesh, which means we meet Muslims every day. I'm proud to smile and say hello has they read my name tag. There is also a lot of people from various African countries, eastern European, and a few Asian. Most areas around are perfectly safe.

The other companionship in High Wycombe is opening a new area but they don't have a flat yet so they're living in ours. We live in a ONE BEDROOM FLAT. This is not good. It can be loads of fun, especially with the elders we have here, but it's not effective for the work. Every night they have to lay out their mattresses and every morning they have to put them back up. They are living halfway out of suitcases and we are tripping over each other. It's just my luck, I finally get a clean companion and we have these other hooligans living with us. Organization is once again, a struggle.

It is convenient to live so close to the centre of town. In a city all you have to do is be willing to open your mouth and you will get lessons. We met so many interesting people. They didn't have a teaching pool to start so it is almost as if we are starting from ground zero. We've done a lot of finding but with a great companion it is enjoyable. This week we had 20 total other lessons, which is about the sum of what they had here in the previous five weeks combined. We have three return appointments so fingers crossed we should have someone progressing towards baptism soon. Elder Baines wants at least one baptism before his visa comes through so we're going to do all we can to make that happen. In the end though, our faith is in Jesus Christ, not results.

My opinion of Elder Baines is very high. I have a lot of respect for the positive attitude he has kept this far into his mission and his desire to do great things. He knows the doctrine well and he is also intelligent so training has been simple. The best part is his strong desire to work hard be obedient. I know we are going to see miracles together.

The ward here may have had a few struggles recently but they were excited to meet the new missionaries. Church attendance was around 50 people. The bishop is a military man which means he is very strong and organized. They were all very excited to have four energetic missionaries in church on Sunday. Hopefully the attitude is improving.

Honestly I can't believe how fast things are happening. Leaving the Isle of Wight felt really sudden and now I am with my 7th companion already. My gospel knowledge is continuously growing, my understanding of Preach My Gospel principles is strengthening, and my faith is deepening. I know director of this work is the Lord Himself. Doing what is asked isn't easy but I know that it is worth it. Overall, I love being a missionary!

Elder Price

Missionaries don't go thrift shopping, they go flat finding! Each of us are wearing a couple things from the closet.

Now that I'm close to London I get to experience much more diversity. Joshua, our EQP, is from Zambia and he cooked us Nshima with beef for dinner. It's a common African staple food made from maise and it'sdelicious! We ate with our hands too.
We're just posing in the subway (tunnel under the dual carriageway).