Monday, October 26, 2015

Sock it to me.‏  10/26/15

Respect gained for Islam. America.

The Epistle
Well I suppose that I should write this group email that I have been neglecting. A lot has happened this week, and I'm almost positive that I say that every week. Most of it are things that you have heard similar stories of before though so I will skip the boring details.

Wednesday we had zone training in Addlestone because the Staines Stake centre roof is having repairs. The logical way to get there would be through London, but since that is out of our mission we had to take an hour long bus and THREE TRAINS. Illogical travel plans are nothing new here though.

In Zone Training Elder Baines and I gave a presentation on companion unity. We have an advantage because we get on so well. We'd only been serving together eight days at this point but we were pretty unified. We focused on how you can look inward to improve a relationship. You focus on their strengths, work on your weaknesses, and pray about those exact things. It turned out to be a great discussion and I learned a lot as well.

Tuesday we had one of teaching appointments fall through. Our backup plan was to contact on this dodgy road in the Muslim area. We were thinking about changing our plans but I decided, "No, when we prayed and confirmed these plans we consecrated them to the Lord. If it doesn't go well we will pray again and seek guidance and where we need to be." Talking to people up that road was pretty brutal for a bit. Then we approached three guys chatting outside of a shop. Two of them had beards and one was in a traditional robe. As we started talking to them one went inside and another left, but the third stayed to become one of our new friends. We'll call him "Wiz" for my blog.

Wiz is a unique guy. When he was basically returning to Islam after years of inactivity, he prayed and asked God (Allah) for guidance to the right sect. I was confused in his story what happened from there but I was touched either way. We have met with Wiz a couple of times now to ask each other questions. He was intrigued to hear Joseph Smith's experience because of it's similarities with Mohammed's. He's asking questions about the Book of Mormon and we're asking about the Quran. I don't agree with all the theology, but I have gained a lot of respect for the values most Muslims have. Many live higher standards than most Christians.

We had dinner with this American couple from the ward yesterday. We had taco soup on tortilla crisps!!! His career is connected to the military so he has access to American food. He even offered to go buy groceries and snacks next time he's up there. Best day ever! He took us home in his Suburban which was MASSIVE! Brother Hope was saying that people would give us funny looks as we drove down the road and he was right. The first guy we passed was as guy in a Mercedes G-Wagon that flagged us down, backed up to talk to us, and proceeded to compliment his SUV. Apparently this funny man had a Suburban in his garage at home.

On my birthday (Saturday) we celebrated just a tad. After my first experience at Nando's we knew daylight savings so we had an extra hour. We played the Settlers of Catan with a big bag of Swedish Fish. Pretty good!

Sorry that's all for now. I love you!

Elder Price

Happy 21st birthday.  Elder Price wore his traditional birthday shirt which he has worn since 3rd grade