Monday, November 2, 2015

Happy day!  11/2/15

Sum Up

-Just read it to find out. It's not even dry this time.

The Novel

Once upon a time I made a mistake and we took the bus number 74
instead of X74. The ONLY difference, it skipped the city we were
traveling to. I sent home a picture of us looking confused in the
dark. We were waiting for the bus to turn up towards a place called
Beaconsfield but instead it got on the motorway and left our area.

On Saturday Elder Baines finished working on his visa at the chapel.
When we planned for Saturday we felt like it would be good to work on
this visa application at a specific time. While we were there
technical errors caused a few delays. As I was sitting there studying
I saw a man walking up to the door. At first I thought it was the
postman but I quickly recognised Joel, a man we met a week before. He
was walking past the chapel and felt like coming to see the inside. It
was no coincidence we were there. We gave him a chapel tour and
learned a lot about him. He has met with missionaries before, been to
other wards, and read the Book of Mormon. The best part, he accepts
Joseph Smith as a prophet. After we said a prayer next the baptismal
font we challenged him to pray about if he should join the church. He
is difficult to get in contact with, but we are hoping for more

We went knocking Saturday evening for a laugh and got mixed responses.
We had a couple meaningful discussions, a few bits of sweets, and a
Jehovah's Witness shouting about how Satanic Halloween is. I guess you
can't win them all.

Sunday we were invited into Relief Society for a lesson about member
missionary work. To describe it politely, Relief Society is an
experience. It's a bit more... animated than Priesthood. We each got
to share about ourselves and I testified of having a strong ward
family. I reminded them we're away from home and so they are our
family, ie sisters, mums, and grandmums. The dinner calender has never
been more popular. ;) haha! Honestly though the lesson on missionary
work was amazing! The ward is getting a lot more excited to get out

All sorts of experiences this week but I just want to say how happy I
am. I am loving all of these experiences. I know the Gospel of Jesus
Christ is true. I know that the Priesthood has been restored through
the prophet Joseph Smith (peace be upon him) and that the Church of
Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is His kingdom on earth, established
to prepare for the second coming of the Messiah. I have gained a
testimony of deeper principles including exaltation and knowing the
God of the Old Testament. I know we have Heavenly Parent's who love
us. Additionally, I know I have so much support from all of my loved
ones reading this email. Thank you! I love you!

Elder Price

PS Thursday is our holiday to the US Embassy in London for Elder
Baines' visa interview. It should be fun!

Yeah we wore matching ties!