Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Saying goodbye to Elder Baines.

Just a quickie.  11/24/15

Hiya everyone!

It's moves week so we are emailing on Tuesday. Elder Baines is

currently at the temple and tomorrow he flies to Utah with the

missionaries who are going home. I imagine him coming down the

escalator in SLC airport with families cheering and crying, then he'll

get to walk past them and complete 21 more months of service. He is a

powerful teacher and a good friend. I am going to miss serving with


My new companion is Elder Chiu Falck. He just finished being trained

in London so I get to follow up. He is from a fairly big city in

Sweden. He likes video games and mathematical engineering. So far he

hasn't said too much, or when he did I couldn't hear him, so I'll tell

you more about him next week.

Goals for this week include: strengthening companionship unity through

communication, developing patience and charity, and doing work.

Mila came to church and she is progressing well! Rue came to church

late, in time for Sunday School, and she promised to come to Sacrament

Meeting next week.

Also it got really cold this week. I'm wearing thermals and a scarf

already and it's only November.

Happy Turkey Day! Love,

Elder Price