Monday, December 21, 2015

We joined in at a service project to make an outdoor play area for a
children's group at this church. It was lots of clearing out bushes
and digging holes but I got a special job. They had 8 large pallets
that needed dismantling so they could use it for fencing. It brought
back memories at Libertyware which was fun. The people there were
quite impressed with how I was able to do it because they found it
quite difficult. I guess I had a bit of an edge with my work

Elder Price

Most of our time this week was used to prepare Mila for her special
day and arrange the baptismal service. We involved a variety of people
in the programme and it had a good effect. One of the speakers
mentioned she had never before felt like she had played an important
role in something like this. My other favourite was the ten year old
playing the piano. He was nervous but he'll have more confidence next
time he is asked to play in front of people.

There was not a better way to spend the evening of the Saturday before
Christmas. Being involved in Mila's journey to follow Jesus Christ has
been incredible! She has a heart of gold and has every desire to keep
every commandment with exactness. They will have some family trials,
but now she has the companionship of the Holy Ghost to guide, direct,
comfort, and bless her.

It is difficult to describe the feeling of giving someone a priesthood
blessing. The feeling is even more powerful during the confirmation
and bestowal of the Holy Ghost. What I can say is that the priesthood
is very real. It is the authority to call upon the powers of heaven
and it was restored through the prophet Joseph Smith. Anyone who
thinks that the Saviour is absent or that God is playing a harp in a
lounge chair needs to examine the Restored Gospel which is found in
the living church of Jesus Christ. If they do this with an honest
heart and real intent they will come to the same conclusion that I
have come to, along with millions of others, that HE LIVES AND HIS
TRUTH HAS BEEN RESTORED! I know this is the truth. I have felt it.

Elder Price

Monday, December 14, 2015

Waiting for the tube
Marylebone train station

London temple trip

Strength Beyond My Own  12/14/15

A lot of our time this week was spent planning, organising, and teaching in preparation for Mila's baptism on Saturday. She's asked the bishop to perform the baptism and me to do the confirmation. Although she has faced a lot of opposition, she is willing to trust in the Lord through everything. It's going to be amazing!

We also had a Zone Training in Staines on Tuesday and the Christmas Party/Temple trip on Thursday. That took a lot of time out of our proselyting but it was incredible. I don't really have time to explain how many prayers have been answered this week. Just know that I know Heavenly Father listens, REALLY LISTENS, and if we do the same we can recognise answers.

Elder Chiu Falck and I have had a few great hours in which we are working well together but overall this week I've been stressed. I have a hard time trying to work together because he doesn't listen. After trying a couple times it makes me just not want to include him in the plans but I keep trying. We broke some ground with him being focused in a couple lessons and a couple nights of planning. I'll be glad when his focus is more frequent than the opposite. The good news, we have progressed since last week and we will keep working on it. Also, it puts in reality how important communication is in a relationship. I'll appreciate the good times even more when I have to cope with difficult ones.

I can't remember if I have said but our landlady is selling our flat and not telling us why. We're going to have four homeless missionaries mid January if we can't find something.

My testimony is growing continually. Difficult times keep me humble because I know I would break if I was alone. The talk None Were With Him by Jeffrey R. Holland inspired me too. Going to the temple reminded me that we belong to the only true church. I was reminded of the covenants I have made. I was the most emotional when we were in the chapel and President Gubler reminded us what a privilege it was to be there. He said, "For some of you it has been a long time." It had been one year since I did a session before. I never want to go that long without going inside again. Casualness in spiritual matters never was happiness and attending the temple regularly can remind us of whatever we have forgotten. My thoughts are never as clear as they are in the House of the Lord.


Elder Price

Monday, December 7, 2015

Welcome December  12/7/15
Elder Chui Falck and I have worked together a lot better these past few days. We still don't have a picture together yet but we'll get one soon. Things are looking up.

I have finally figured out how to find connections in the Book of Mormon. It took me long enough. I underline every 'wherefore,' 'therefore,' 'insomuch,' and more. I circle every 'remember' as well and look for what I'm supposed to remember. It helps me to understand the cause and effect of things in the Book of Mormon. Knowing this helps me to apply it into my life.

I have felt great temptations and opposition this week. It reminds me 

of the days before I received my own endowment when I felt like
everything was going wrong. It is the storm right before great things
happen. I have relied on the Lord to carry me through. Something has
changed in me as I have allowed my desire to be a fully consecrated
missionary grow. I was praying while the emblems of the sacrament were
being passed and I discovered a few things I lack. I didn't realise
that I had allowed a few aspects of my behaviour become so casual. I
have picked a couple things to give as my gift to Him this year.
Really it will benefit me, but I do it because I love Him. I love my
Saviour Jesus Christ so I want to become more like Him.

Something else I have been working on is my next study journal. I have
organised it in a way that will help me more, and I want to record
impressions every day during personal study. Then I have other
sections for questions I have, topics I don't understand, and new
words I learn. President Hinckley taught that faith (or a testimony)
is like a muscle, if it is put in a sling it will get weak. If it is
exercised than it will be strengthened. I have set my new long-term
testimony workout plan so I can accomplish more.

I am super excited for the events coming up this week! Tuesday is Zone
Training, Thursday is our Christmas celebration where we get to do a
session in the temple and have dinner, Saturday we might take Mila to
the temple Visitor's Centre, and a week from Saturday is her baptism.
And Christmas is coming!!! If you haven't discovered it yet, visit to see what missionaries get excited about. You
might even like it.    

Love ya!   Elder Price

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Remember the time.  11/30/15

Time is going too fast. I honestly can't believe we are into December tomorrow and the most wonderful time of the year.

Saturday evening we had a Thanksgiving dinner with an American family from the ward. It was so nice. I even got to carve the turkey and without bragging too much, I did fairly well.

The work in High Wycombe is going well. There is so much potential here! We finally got a ward mission leader and he's great. I've already been out teaching with him a few times and we teach together in better unity than I do with my companion. Haha! Last Tuesday evening 
after a lesson we were walking down the street with Brother Holt (WML) and he stopped a girl with headphones to ask if she was interested in learning. I was buzzing with his willingness to do missionary work! That evening we talked to more people with energy and excitement which lead to greater success.

We brought out members we haven't worked with before and we keep asking for others to come. I am enjoying it. Our friend Mila is progressing toward her baptismal date well. Two of her children (ages 20 and 12) even agreed to let us teach them about the Plan of Salvation. They say they aren't interested for themselves but I know they feel the Holy Ghost.

Elder Chiu Falck and I aren't working very well together yet. It's difficult to coming from one of the best companionships I've had but we'll figure it out.  We have had a couple decent conversations. He's terrified to talk to people but to be fair he has made some good attempts. I will grow a lot this transfer as I learn to love him and serve with him. Trials help us grow if we respond with a good attitude.

I know that the Gospel of Jesus Christ is a lifetime and daily plan. I know that faith preceeds repentance. I also know that it is because of the Atonement of Jesus Christ that we are able to accomplish all we do. I would be helpless without His grace. My testimony of obedience is growing as well. Not because I am seeing major results from making small changes, but that making those changes is often easier. On top of that, obedience brings blessings and ultimately, HAPPINESS. I'm definitely into that!

The new Christmas video is out so give it a look on and post it if you'd like.  I prefer last years but this one is still amazing!

Oh I finished the Book of Mormon again this week and I found something out... it's true! Love you!      Elder Price