Monday, December 21, 2015

Most of our time this week was used to prepare Mila for her special
day and arrange the baptismal service. We involved a variety of people
in the programme and it had a good effect. One of the speakers
mentioned she had never before felt like she had played an important
role in something like this. My other favourite was the ten year old
playing the piano. He was nervous but he'll have more confidence next
time he is asked to play in front of people.

There was not a better way to spend the evening of the Saturday before
Christmas. Being involved in Mila's journey to follow Jesus Christ has
been incredible! She has a heart of gold and has every desire to keep
every commandment with exactness. They will have some family trials,
but now she has the companionship of the Holy Ghost to guide, direct,
comfort, and bless her.

It is difficult to describe the feeling of giving someone a priesthood
blessing. The feeling is even more powerful during the confirmation
and bestowal of the Holy Ghost. What I can say is that the priesthood
is very real. It is the authority to call upon the powers of heaven
and it was restored through the prophet Joseph Smith. Anyone who
thinks that the Saviour is absent or that God is playing a harp in a
lounge chair needs to examine the Restored Gospel which is found in
the living church of Jesus Christ. If they do this with an honest
heart and real intent they will come to the same conclusion that I
have come to, along with millions of others, that HE LIVES AND HIS
TRUTH HAS BEEN RESTORED! I know this is the truth. I have felt it.

Elder Price