Monday, December 14, 2015

Waiting for the tube
Marylebone train station

London temple trip

Strength Beyond My Own  12/14/15

A lot of our time this week was spent planning, organising, and teaching in preparation for Mila's baptism on Saturday. She's asked the bishop to perform the baptism and me to do the confirmation. Although she has faced a lot of opposition, she is willing to trust in the Lord through everything. It's going to be amazing!

We also had a Zone Training in Staines on Tuesday and the Christmas Party/Temple trip on Thursday. That took a lot of time out of our proselyting but it was incredible. I don't really have time to explain how many prayers have been answered this week. Just know that I know Heavenly Father listens, REALLY LISTENS, and if we do the same we can recognise answers.

Elder Chiu Falck and I have had a few great hours in which we are working well together but overall this week I've been stressed. I have a hard time trying to work together because he doesn't listen. After trying a couple times it makes me just not want to include him in the plans but I keep trying. We broke some ground with him being focused in a couple lessons and a couple nights of planning. I'll be glad when his focus is more frequent than the opposite. The good news, we have progressed since last week and we will keep working on it. Also, it puts in reality how important communication is in a relationship. I'll appreciate the good times even more when I have to cope with difficult ones.

I can't remember if I have said but our landlady is selling our flat and not telling us why. We're going to have four homeless missionaries mid January if we can't find something.

My testimony is growing continually. Difficult times keep me humble because I know I would break if I was alone. The talk None Were With Him by Jeffrey R. Holland inspired me too. Going to the temple reminded me that we belong to the only true church. I was reminded of the covenants I have made. I was the most emotional when we were in the chapel and President Gubler reminded us what a privilege it was to be there. He said, "For some of you it has been a long time." It had been one year since I did a session before. I never want to go that long without going inside again. Casualness in spiritual matters never was happiness and attending the temple regularly can remind us of whatever we have forgotten. My thoughts are never as clear as they are in the House of the Lord.


Elder Price