Monday, December 7, 2015

Welcome December  12/7/15
Elder Chui Falck and I have worked together a lot better these past few days. We still don't have a picture together yet but we'll get one soon. Things are looking up.

I have finally figured out how to find connections in the Book of Mormon. It took me long enough. I underline every 'wherefore,' 'therefore,' 'insomuch,' and more. I circle every 'remember' as well and look for what I'm supposed to remember. It helps me to understand the cause and effect of things in the Book of Mormon. Knowing this helps me to apply it into my life.

I have felt great temptations and opposition this week. It reminds me 

of the days before I received my own endowment when I felt like
everything was going wrong. It is the storm right before great things
happen. I have relied on the Lord to carry me through. Something has
changed in me as I have allowed my desire to be a fully consecrated
missionary grow. I was praying while the emblems of the sacrament were
being passed and I discovered a few things I lack. I didn't realise
that I had allowed a few aspects of my behaviour become so casual. I
have picked a couple things to give as my gift to Him this year.
Really it will benefit me, but I do it because I love Him. I love my
Saviour Jesus Christ so I want to become more like Him.

Something else I have been working on is my next study journal. I have
organised it in a way that will help me more, and I want to record
impressions every day during personal study. Then I have other
sections for questions I have, topics I don't understand, and new
words I learn. President Hinckley taught that faith (or a testimony)
is like a muscle, if it is put in a sling it will get weak. If it is
exercised than it will be strengthened. I have set my new long-term
testimony workout plan so I can accomplish more.

I am super excited for the events coming up this week! Tuesday is Zone
Training, Thursday is our Christmas celebration where we get to do a
session in the temple and have dinner, Saturday we might take Mila to
the temple Visitor's Centre, and a week from Saturday is her baptism.
And Christmas is coming!!! If you haven't discovered it yet, visit to see what missionaries get excited about. You
might even like it.    

Love ya!   Elder Price