Monday, January 11, 2016

Beautiful sunset on street we were tracting

Church in town centre

We had to scrub the walls in the old flat to prepare to move. This
flat has had missionary occupants for ages so it is requiring a deep

What's new?   1/11/16

Finally moving into a new flat, getting deeper, and teaching some Hindus. Pretty good.

After three months of having four of us crammed into a one bedroom flat we are finally upgrading this week! It's not in town centre like the other one but it does have three bedrooms and two bathrooms so it's going to be awesome. I won't need to go sit in the tub to get personal space anymore.

What's happened this week.... missionary work. Surprised? You shouldn't be. I don't want to write a whole email about knocking door and stopping people in the street so I'll try and think of unusual things to tell you about.

We were visiting a less active recent convert who is from London. She lived a godless life until a year ago and she is very opinionated. She is a Cockney but I don't really know how to explain what that is. Anyway, we sit there for about 5 minutes while the member and her chit chat and out of nowhere she demands, "Where did God come from than?" It caught us a little by surprise but now that I've got some experience it wasn't overwhelming. We began a scripture chase and asked, "What do you think that this means?" She doesn't get it yet but she's almost there.

Last night we had a cool experience. Our ward mission leader, Brother Holt, gave us the name of a road that he had been praying about and wanted us to knock. We'd been there a couple times because it's a long road but last night I felt like we should knock on the doors of these four houses again because none of them answered last time. At the fourth door she was chatting with a piano teacher who was about to leave so she said to come back in five minutes.

When we came back her husband was there to greet us. They're Hindu but he went to a Catholic school growing up. He was really interested in the Book of Mormon so after a couple minutes he invited us in to help him understand. We taught about Joseph Smith and the restoration of Jesus Christ's gospel and priesthood. It wasn't too out of the ordinary for a missionary, but it was different to teach a Hindu man from India who knew quite a bit about Catholicism!

Partway through the week I was griping in my head and I looked up the talks "To Men of the Priesthood" and "The Greatest Generation of Missionaries" from the October 2002 Priesthood Session of Conference when the decided to "Raise the Bar" on how prepared missionaries need to be before they leave home. It didn't take long into my reading to look inward and recognised great things that I can do to make sure I can become the man I want to be in life and how  this mission can play a vital role in that. I recognised ways that I had prepared for a mission without realising it, and also how I should've done better. Everyone considering serving a mission should prayerfully read "The Greatest Generation of Missionaries" to recognise practical ways to prepare besides the advice you get from every RM which is, "Study Preach My Gospel, especially chapter 3. It will help you so much!" And it's true! I love PMG but there is a lot more to a mission than just knowing stuff.

The part that struck me the most taught:

We know that the most profound influence on helping young men prepare for the Melchizedek Priesthood, marriage, and fatherhood is the family. If your sons understand the basic doctrines required to become a faithful father, they will surely be ready to serve as a full-time missionary.

My greatest motivation throughout my education, work, and personal life has been the desire to be a good father. This drive coupled with gospel teaching applied in my family, prepared me more than I understood. Pretty interesting innit?

The family is the best place to teach the gospel. This is because it applies so well into family life, but also because of how many analogies we can draw between a family on earth and a heavenly family. Heavenly Father is a perfect father who loves us more than we comprehend. Knowing that  true relationship will help all of the gospel teaching begin to make sense. We truly are children of God with great potential. My Saviour makes it possible through his infinite Atonement. There are so many religions in the world that teach good values and strengthen families, but without these key pieces of doctrine they will fall short. That is why it's paramount that the gospel is preached to every creature.


Elder Price