Monday, February 29, 2016

Strength Beyond My Own   2/29/16

We took Mila and her son David to see the temple. It was great!


Saturday morning Brother Holt drove Mila, David, Elder Chiu Falck, and I to the London Temple Visitors' Centre. The temple is the greatest place on earth and the spirit is strong. We got there a bit early so we were able to nip down to the shop to pick up a few bits. Mila and David looked through the pictures and Brother Holt secretly bought a few of her favourites to give to her after.

We began our visit by learning about what happens in the temple from the displays. The sister missionaries were great. Then we watched the film "Meet the Mormons" in the theatre. It was perfect to show how diverse people with amazing stories find joy by following Christ and serving others.

The tour of the grounds was quick because of the chilly weather (big surprise) but it was good to stop and have a couple quick discussions. The sisters explained that the reflection pond shows the temple just like we can reflect Christ's countenance in our lives.

We returned to the centre to conclude at the Christus statue. They had Mila start begin a few paces away from the statue and invited her to look to him. Then they had her close her eyes and asked her a few simple questions. Each question was a simple commitment that missionaries had invited her to do over the last few months, and each one that she had done, she was able to take a step forward. After a few questions she was allowed to open her eyes and behold the results. "Where have these small acts of faith gotten you?" they asked. "Next to the Lord Jesus Christ." Mila whispered. A serious of small simple actions bring us closer or further from our Saviour.

We sat down to listen to the narration, which is less than a dozen versus of Jesus' words from the New Testament. Afterwards, we had a discussion about the things we learned and felt throughout the morning. Then I grabbed three copies of the Book of Mormon from the shelf and decided to read 2 Nephi 31:8-10. We briefly talked about how Jesus set the example by being baptised and how verse 10 includes an invitation. Then I looked David in the eyes," David, will you follow Jesus Christ by being baptised." His response was, "I think I will actually." I smiled as I continued, "Three weeks, the 19th of March, is your birthday. Would you like to be baptised then?" He accepted and we promised the blessings that would follow. What a great day!

Elder Price

Sister missionaries, David & Mila

Elders in the High Wycombe flat