Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Next messageWell, so much has happened in the last eight days that I cannot update you on everything. Friday President Gubler asked me to move to Guildford to be the district leader. My companion is Elder Viera from Brasil. He was baptised two years ago. I love how excited Elder Viera is! He seems very willing. He has a strong desire to do well here. I'll be praying for help communicating and for his language skills. He did not study any English before his mission.

Elder Chiu Falck was moved to Bideford, the largest area in the mission, in North Devon. He'll be driving too. There are only two missionaries in High Wycombe now so we prepared them to absorb our teaching pool. Travelling through London with our luggage was quite the journey! Elder Chiu Falck could hardly manage his large suitcases. Twice he had strangers help carry them on stairs. He missed the tube I got on so he had to take the next one too. So we finally get to Paddington, where we depart, and we begin to say goodbye. He reaches in his pocket, pulls out his bus pass dramatically, and offered it as a token to remember him by. Cheers mate!

Saying goodbyes is always a bit surreal. I am not a person that is typically emotional in the moment because it doesn't set in until later. Along with that I was so excited with anticipation for things
to come.

The worst was leaving Mila and her family. We had a great lesson and David wanted to say the closing prayer. I was quite touched by the things he said. Then Mila tells us again how we are angels and nobody has had an influence on her family like us. I keep trying to say how it's not us, it is the gospel of Jesus Christ. Anyway, I hope to hear good things and maybe even visit someday.

We had some little miracles this week too! We found three different people who were baptised in the church while they were young, have good memories, but don't know the doctrine. Two of them are willing to be taught.

I am excited to be here in Guildford district. We have a great group of missionaries! Maybe we'll have a picture to send in a couple weeks time.

I have loved deepening my relationship with my Saviour this week. Jesus is real to me. I know he lives. I will follow him faithfully.


Elder Price