Monday, April 18, 2016

Brick By Boring Brick  4/18/16

Who knew that such profound lessons could be learnt while laying bricks? I bet Paul did.


We haven't had much success finding people in our area to progress this week. A lot of our time was taken up doing service. We prayed about what to do because people called asking for help so I am at least confident that I did my best to do Heavenly Father's will. We're also trying to talk about the gospel and create teaching opportunities as a result of the service projects we have done.

We visit a man named Amos and his family. They've had friends who are in the church for a long time but I'm not sure how much they've learned about the restored gospel from missionaries before. They are a good Christian family so we are hoping they open up soon. We are helping build an outdoor brick staircase on the extension of Amos' house. Brick work is a slow process so it has given me lots of time to think. I want to share the insights I have learned.

Lesson 1- When a brick isn't aligned properly, especially the first one, it has a negative effect that is compounded with each row. If it isn't level than the whole structure will crumble. See Ephesians 2:19-20.
Lesson 2- Brick work is difficult. I have a much greater appreciation for magnificent buildings and temples erected before they had modern tools and technologies.
Lesson 3- The mortar must be consistent. One batch to the next has to be the same or else it will make it very difficult for the builder to adjust. Each batch must have the right proportion of sand, water, and cement. This is a continuing reminder of the balance that we must have in our lives between social, family, work, and spiritual life. If we don't allow the right mixture, our structure will collapse before we become what the Great Architect has planned for us.

I'm well impressed with myself. That sounded great! Haha It must be the Spirit trying to teach some people.

I have the greatest companion. Elder Vieira is one of the most loving missionaries I have ever met. He always wants to help. He teaches me simple things every day like when he prayed to Heavenly Father for help with "your investigators" instead of "our investigators." It was something that was simple yet profound.

I know that love has the power to change lives. I have spent some time every day for the last week and a half in chapter 6 of Preach My Gospel (Christlike Attributes) and the most distinct result that I have noticed is a desire to be loving all the time. I am still imperfect but I know that His grace is sufficient and without charity I am nothing. I know that I can become what He needs me to be.

Elder Price

Sister England (England), Sister Gwilliam (Utah), Elder Vieira (Porto
Alegre, Brazil), Elder Price (LAYTON), Elder Olson (Texas), Elder
Feistl (Germany).

Guildford District