Monday, April 11, 2016

morning run by the river

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April Showers  4/11/16

Hi everybody! This week we had Zone Training and President Interviews

on Wednesday, and District Leadership Council on Thursday. Elder

Vieira and I ended up finishing our interviews late so we decided to

sleep in Staines instead of taking the train all the way home just to

come back the next morning. It worked out well except neither of us

had razors so we looked a bit scruffy. I almost felt unworthy to talk

to people on the train home because I didn't feel like I looked clean

but we talked to people anyway.

We need new investigators who are willing to progress and we are going

to achieve this by being bold while we sift through the field and

testify of the Saviour. Elder Vieira is great! His English isn't

improving as fast as I had hoped but that doesn't discourage me. He

has so many strengths he could do without the language and still be a

good missionary.

At one point I was asked if I could understand what Elder Vieira was

saying and I replied, "Yes, perfectly fine." It was then I remembered

that a gift of the Spirit is the interpretation of tongues. I believe

Heavenly Father has blessed me with the ability to understand my

companion better to help him. The gifts are the Spirit are real!

Testimony meeting at church Sunday began with the three new elders in

the ward and then every testimony afterwards was members sharing

missionary experiences. Our great ward mission leader gave us a big

shout out too. He told everyone these experiences are great and they

should lead to referrals for the missionaries. Boom!

I love my Saviour Jesus Christ. I love studying in the Book of Mormon

about the Atonement. I love daily repentance. It's difficult to

express these feelings in words... I love my Heavenly Father, this

Gospel, and all that it brings. Life is great.


Elder Price