Monday, April 4, 2016

Saturday we were asked to set up a big Easter Egg hunt in the forest
for the primary kids. It was delayed because of the miserable weather
last week.

Topics discussed:  4/4/16

Guildford is nice.
My great companion, Elder Vieira.
A moment in General Conference.
The district.

This one is a bit long...

Guildford seems like a great place to be! Our first Sunday was General Conference so we still need to meet lots of members but I am very excited to be here. Saturday morning we helped with a primary activity so I got to talk to quite a few members. I'm doing my best to learn names and callings quickly too. The members I have met seem willing to help us.

Elder Vieira is so great. His powerful testimony and experiences give him motivation. He definitely knows why he is here. His family was Catholic but they lost faith when his father died seven years ago. They weren't happy. When he met with missionaries the Plan of Salvation really touched him. He learned that he can be with his father again because families are meant to be together forever. The priesthood was restored and now we can do work for the dead in the holy temples of the Lord. What a blessing!

Elder Vieira enjoys hard work and has a positive attitude. He loves knocking doors and stopping people even though his English isn't great. I love working with him!

Last Wednesday, our first full day together, Elder Vieira and I talked to so many people! It was definitely a change of pace to get out and move. We had a hop in our step and helped us to find quite a few people. One of them, a young guy named Marcel, we've seen twice since then. He even brought a friend to meet with us too. We haven't had contact lately though so we'll see.

We have prayerfully set a transfer goal of 3 baptisms. We know that people need time to repent and prepare to make covenants so we'll have to find them this week. Hopefully they'll be a family. That'd be brilliant! I know that the Lord wants us to baptise so it just depends on what we do to make it happen. Our faith is in Jesus Christ and not in outcomes, but He rejoices in the repentant sinner. Attitude (faith) and hard work (diligence) are the keys this week. And if it we don't see the expected results we'll have joy and satisfaction in doing our best.

President Hinckley said“Attitude makes all the difference. ‘Search diligently, pray always, and be believing, and all things shall work together for your good, if ye walk uprightly and remember the covenant wherewith ye have covenanted one with another.’ (D&C 90:24) Attitude can make all the difference in our lives, and we control our attitude. It can make us miserable or happy, content or dissatisfied. To a great degree, it can make us strong or weak.”

I know that this church is true! Conference was motivational, as it always is. We have watched all three Saturday sessions and the Sunday morning session. So no, I have not seen the Elder Holland talk that everyone is buzzing about.

My favourite moment in General Conference was at the end of one of the sessions the choir was singing Come Thou Fount. Previous talks emphasised the power of hymns like the story about the African congregation and President Eyering saying that "the choir will sing as if the Lord Jesus Christ himself is present, because He is." When the choir sang Come Thou Fount I was mouthing the words (singing silently as loud as I could) and imagining me in the middle of the choir. I could see from the choirs' perspective looking down into the conference center. Right in front center of the audience I saw my Saviour. Smiling and proud. It was absolutely incredible.

I can't choose one favourite talk. I loved them all and I received real revelations. It makes me nervous for some things in the future but I am happy to focus on what is happening now. I am devoting my time and attention to the work and people around me. I am determined to diligently serve the ward and be the best district leader I can. 

We have a great district in Guildford! There are sisters in Aldershot (the next ward over who we share a chapel) and they are examples to us all. Great missionaries! There are two other elders in our ward but we don't share a flat. I am happy to not be in a four-man flat anymore. It is usually loads of fun but it is difficult for me to focus after we finish planning in the evening. Now I will update the area book, write in my journal, wind down, and prepare for bed.

I am loving being a missionary in the England London South Mission!
Elder Price