Monday, May 2, 2016

Don't start your crying, it'll be alright.  5/2/16

Miracles this week. Fun with the youth.

We had an incredible experience finding our new friend Luke. He is interested in religion, has a strong belief in God, has a few challenges (we all do) and he isn't happy. We were knocking the doors on his street when he approached us asking who we are and why we are so happy when we are facing rejection often. He has seen us four times this week, smiling each time. So we talked there for a bit and he asked if he could come to church. Then after our discussion he said we could come over in about an hour. We had a really good discussion! Unfortunately... We still aren't sure why he missed church but we have hope for this evening.

Elder Vieira is continuing to progress in English. I really enjoy teaching him and I am learning about grammar too.

Elder Vieira and I got invited to the combined youth etiquette dinner. They had a "Grog Bowl." It's a military tradition with a nasty drink mixture. When one of the youth didn't use proper etiquette someone else at the table would stand and call the attention of the Grogmaster. When invited to speak they have to use a rhyme to accuse the person of bad etiquette. The defendant stands and rhymes his defence and then the Grogmaster decides who's rhyme was worse and they come take shot in front of everyone. It was a good laugh.

We weren't sure about going to the youth activity because the chapel is quite far away and we didn't have any investigators going but we felt good about it. Towards the end of the evening I found out that one person there was a visitor. He had met the sister missionaries a couple days before and was interested. When he asked questions about the church we took him into the chapel and had a short discussion. It was great! We were explaining more about Joseph Smith and I got to relay the first vision. I was really ill and when I recounted Joseph's experience the tears were flowing freely. I explained that it was because I wasn't feeling well but the Spirit was there too. After we talked to the sisters we found out he wasn't actually one of there investigators, just someone who took a copy of the Book of Mormon, so they didn't have any way to get in touch. He came to church yesterday and they'll be able to keep teaching him.

We got home from youth a little bit late and I felt awful. I thought it was like allergies but I was also lightheaded and tired. I couldn't think so I went right to bed. I didn't sleep well and I woke up with a migraine at 3 am. I got a drink and prayed for help knowing what to do to get back to sleep. I laid in my bed awake for a few minutes and had a clear impression to ask Elder Vieira for a blessing. I love my companion and I know he honours his priesthood. He has real spiritual power. I looked over at Elder Vieira and he is sprawled out snoring like a Brazilian panther. I was thinking, "He doesn't want to wake up; he is probably really tired." But after a while of debating with myself the throbbing in my head won and I went to wake him up.

It is a bit funny looking back because I planned out what to say but I didn't expect him to be so surprised. When I shook his knee and whispered his name he looked so frightened. I just said, "My head is bad. Will you give me a blessing?" He jumps right up saying, "Okay," He grabs his consecrated oil and gives me a very simple short blessing promising Heavenly Father loved me and will take the pain away so we can work hard. "Because people need salvation," he said. Within five minutes I was sound asleep. I slept like a rock until the alarm went off in the morning. I know the power of the priesthood is real

Today is a bank holiday. The young men's leaders invited us to play football and have lunch with the youth. It was so nice to put on my boots and get some sport in! Plus, I really like getting to know the youth.

It has been a great week! 

Elder Price

 Guildford Cathedral