Monday, May 16, 2016

One Step at a Time  5/16/16

This week was great! We're finally starting to develop a teaching pool. Saturday was a miracle finding day because we got return appointments with 5 people! One of them are a couple uni students we are seeing tonight. The other were 3 potentials we already had. We really felt like being in this area to follow up at a certain time and it all came together. We have a couple members scheduled to help teach with us this week so it should be great.

This week my testimony of the Season of Miracles was renewed. President offered a baptism challenge for this transfer that has added spice into our finding. The companionship that baptises the most in each zone gets invited to President Gubler's house for dinner next moves. And whoever has the most stays the night and gets to go to the temple. It might be bad that that's our motivation. Either way it's a nice way to make it fun and give us a bit of competition. Of course we want to help people come to Christ more than we want baptisms and we only baptise people who have repented and are prepared to make covenants.

The Lord is letting us see some progress so I am very grateful!

Yesterday we had lunch with a family that used to live in Bath. They know Martin Broad (Uncle Greg's friend) really well so we were able to share stories. It was a nice reminder of the lasting effects one baptism can have. Brother Broad has been Bishop twice and was described as the type of person that would "drop anything to help you out." Incredible!


Elder Price