Monday, June 20, 2016

Life of a Missionary  6/20/16

Info on my new companion, working hard, and personal growth through personal prayer.


I am almost positive that I'll lose half my audience if this letter is too long (I'm sure only my parents read every word every week) so I'll cut to the chase. My companion is Elder Aleman from Stockholm, Sweden. His parents are from El Salvador so he speaks Espanol. We have already taught a couple lessons in Spanish so he has been valuable. He has come right out of school so he's just like a fresh lamb.

Tuesday I got to go through the temple with all of the trainers and the departing missionaries. I absolutely love the London temple's Celestial room. It's heavenly. I had quite a good experience there. It was weird to spend time with some of my friends who were flying home (shoutout to Dill-Pickle and G Rizzle Brink Brink) because I am close but still have plenty of time to work and no time to be distracted.

Tuesday and Wednesday we received training from the APs about how to be a good trainer. One element that enhanced my experience was the fact that I was one of the APs trainers (Elder Tunnicliffe). He is an absolute star and he even slipped in stories of our time together and winked at me after. He made it fun.

We have talked to loads of people! It so great to serve diligently. I love the extra motivation of being the good example. I have always enjoyed a bit of pressure to give me some drive. We have been able to teach a few people but nothing major yet. One Pentecostal Columbian man lectured my companion in Spanish about how we haven't felt the Spirit if we haven't spoken in tongues before. The best part was that I didn't understand most of it so I was just smiling and nodding my head.

I have had a lot of time to recognise how much I have grown on my mission. I am gaining so much more spiritual power through my personal prayers. Every morning I counsel with my Father on our plans and ask for help with my weaknesses. Each night in my prayers I account honestly. He helps me to recognise and remember things I didn't acknowledge. And I continue to repent. I feel like I am finally becoming the man I wanted to become.

Elder Price

Elder Shulthies, Elder Redd, Elder Price, Elder Mattson, and Elder
Mercer at the temple for the trainers meeting. We are all from the
same MTC group. I get too excited and I can't stop talking so I have a
Popeye smile.

                    My companion and I at the White House