Monday, June 6, 2016

Service project last week 

Football with the young men

Yes I will  6/06/16

We have worked hard this week! Talking to as many people as you can gets exhausting but it's totally worth it. We even were able to teach a Brasilian couple. The lesson was half in Portuguese, half in English. I understood lots of it because I can follow Elder Vieira's testimony and the know the flow of the lesson. Some words are similar to English so it'd be a clue that I had to really listen for. It was fun!

The area seems to progress as much as we allow it to. Sometimes I feel like if we could be better at teaching, asking questions, invitations, promising blessings, etc than the results would be different. Once again, I feel like Alma who wished to have the voice of an angel to shake the earth. Although I know that angels speak by the power of the Holy Ghost so I just need to humbly seek spiritual power for the benefit of others. And people have their agency so they just have other priorities. Many are blinded by the temptations of the world.

Elder Vieira... what can I say? I love my companion. He is doing well. We have had some challenges learning how to discuss our ideas and understanding what the other person is thinking but it's helping us grow. I find myself aware of my feelings and wanting to talk it out... What is happening to me?

Sunday afternoon most of the ward got together for a pot luck at a member's home. It was great to break the fast together. It was gorgeous weather, and they had a big beautiful garden to sit in. So yeah that was good.

Heavenly Father loves us so much. I know it. Tomorrow we go to London for a mission conference with the London Mission and Elder Dallin H. Oaks. Then at 7:30 that same evening he will be speaking in Guildford! I am so grateful that we have the opportunity to listen to a servant of the Lord. And I really believe that the Apostles have very sacred experiences and know the Lord's voice. I trust their testimonies and words. Every missionary serving in Staines Stake we will get to hear Elder Oaks twice. What a privilege!

My favourite chapter in the Book of Mormon lately is Mosiah 5. It is the response of the people at the end of King Benjamin's angelic sermon saying that the Spirit has brought a mighty change in their hearts. Then Benjamin replies by teaching more about the requirements and blessings of covenants with the Lord.

12 I say unto you, I would that ye should remember to retain the name written always in your hearts ...

13 For how knoweth a man the master whom he has not served, and who is a stranger unto him, and is far from the thoughts and intents of his heart?

That question is thought provoking isn't it? It's been on my mind lately. You might need to read the chapter to understand what I am getting at (it's only short). That's all.

I am Elder Price.

Next week I'll email on Tuesday.
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