Monday, July 11, 2016

A car drove by and I tried to say hi to it... then I died laughing and
gave up on life for a minute. The best part was that I was telling
Elder Aleman how fun it is to teach intelligent people that are
interested. So awkward!! hah

Elder Price
Selfies and second chances  7/11/16


So I've been a missionary for a while now. Sometimes the same old thing gets boring so we have tried to mix it up. We found a bit of fun in trying new ways to find people to teach. We are trying to do more than just knocking and talking to people in the streets. I am getting bored of that. And when we do we have tried using different focuses. Like we spent a couple hours inviting people to church. Or we went out with the Bible in hand instead of the Book of Mormon. Small things can mix it up too. We went to a town called Dorking a few miles away. We are trying to use family history and visit more members. I think we are going to see miracles working with the members here.

Elder Aleman is trying really hard to get into the missionary routine and be more effective. I can tell it is difficult for him so I love his effort. He even sang to one Christian lady that he wanted to give her the Book of Mormon as a gift. It was so funny!

I love this gospel. I love my Saviour Jesus Christ. I love my Heavenly Father and His magnificent plan. Each time I want to write a short testimony to you I think of many things but it always comes back to those paramount truths that I am grateful for. 

Oh and one cool little experience to share... Friday evening we were knocking the Lord provided a unique opportunity to someone who rejected us the first time. We were leaving a door when a YSA aged sister from the previous house called us back. She explained she was playing a game with friends over social media and the daily challenge was to get a selfie with someone in uniform. Of course we willingly cooperated and began to chat. 

As she stepped out onto her driveway to take a photo with us she accidentally locked herself out of her house. She gradually opened up and as we listened the Spirit told us what principles to testify of. Her interest increased by degrees and soon she'll be the next Mormon superstar (if she uses her agency properly).


Elder Price

Ward mission leader took us out for pudding after our weekly coordination meeting. 
Soo overpriced but it was nice.