Sunday, July 31, 2016

Quite a few exciting things happened this week so this email won't be completely bland. It was moves week so two missionaries left my district and they will be replaced with greenies which means that all three companionships in Guildford District will be in training! Elder Vieira (my last comp) was moved from Oxford to the Spanish area in London so now he needs to learn another language. And I am heading into my last full transfer this week.

Yesterday Elder Aleman saved a baby deer that was trapped between two fences.

On Saturday we saw a woman who had two pallets of sod grass out in the driveway. It has been so hot and their grass was drying out. Elder Aleman wanted to help. I began making excuses (no time, we are dressed too smart, etc) but we offered to help. Normally people don't accept the offer but she had literally just prayed minutes before for help! Mel and her husband Alex were tired and needed it put in the shade in the back garden. We helped for 45 minutes and made some awesome new friends! Elder Aleman wrecked his clothes but I managed to stay clean somehow.

As for the work this week, we have been dropped multiple times this week but I am determined to find the elect. They are out there somewhere. We are improving in teaching together. Of course good planning and practice in study heels. Elder Aleman has been great at talking with people this week! I love seeing the effort he puts in. His time keeping skills still need a lot of work though but we'll get there by the end of the transfer... Hopefully.

I had a great exchange with Elder Olson (from Texas) this week. I'll share something cool that happened with him but it's more reading so skip the indented portion if you are bored.

"They always make it sounds so easy," Elder Olson and I said as we read the last bullet point of the activity on page 159 of Preach My Gospel. Often we get lazy and skip the activities but we decided to attempt it exactly how it was written.

We created some potential "silver bullets" (That is what President Gubler calls his specific approaches that are tailored around things he loves.) and practiced them in companion study. I wanted to find a music enthusiast to show my passion for music and then bring them to my passion for the Gospel of Jesus Christ. After practicing we evaluated it, refined the transition, and planned to apply it before lunch.

By 11:30 we had already had multiple opportunities to use this approach but they hadn't resulted in any new investigators yet. Then we were led to Kieran who was drinking a cup of tea on the porch and loving his music. The approach worked perfectly. He was involved in the conversation and he opened up. We taught him some there and then got a return appointment half an hour before our ward barbecue Saturday which he promised to attend.

The Lord's hand is guiding this work and we have been given the instructions on how to become effective instruments in his hands. I hope we can use them to reach for our potential and live according to our privileges as His servants.

I love the Book of Mormon. It has given me guidance to my soul searching questions this week. I know it is the word of God and that this is His work. I love how my understanding of the atonement deepens as I look for application from the Book of Mormon into my life. Everyone should try it!

Elder Price

Happy Birthday to my companion