Monday, July 4, 2016

Do you ever get tired of reading the Book of Mormon? It takes so much
effort! When you struggle, remember what was sacrificed so that we can
have scripture. Do you ever get irritated by the repetition? Then
remember that Mormon had to scratch his writings into metal so he only
included words of paramount significance. Here's a picture of a little
activity we did at zone training. It was difficult.

Elder Price

Summertime (makes the living easy)  7/4/16

A little analogy, a bit of fun, some rain, not many lessons, and many spiritual experiences.

I am tempted to say "Happy birthday America!!" again but I realised it's not exactly the birthday, it's more like when the child has matured and is ready to move out of the parents' house. They have learned enough and they want to try living with their own independence. So it's just like when I moved to uni two years ago. Or it is like when I left my heavenly home over two decades ago. If I am a good boy, my parents will let me come home at the end of my leave.

So I just thought I'd have a bit of fun.
Things that most English people will never understand:
-The difference between Thanksgiving and Independence Day.
-How accurate or inaccurate Hollywood portrays high school.
-Why American schoolchildren have 3 months of summer holidays.

Things that most Americans will never understand:
-What a bank holiday is (they aren't celebrating the banking system).
-Why the roads are so small.
-The school children really wear proper uniforms.
-There are countless English accents and some are very distinct.

Well what has happened this week? It feels like I just emailed you last Monday. I have been able to use the priesthood and give two blessings and I had the opportunity to bless the sacrament. I love it! It has rained some more. People keep asking me about the presidential election.

I finished reading Alma today and I recognise how the Book of Mormon describes the latter days. Alma-3 Nephi are prophesying of the coming of Christ in last dispensation as well as in the meridian of time. All of the wars describe the spiritual war (and sometimes physical) we are in now. Then peace is sometimes established for short periods of time until corrupt leaders, governments, or organisations stir up the people to contention. Many of the signs shorts before the Saviour's birth are happening. Many of the other ones will come. I love studying the scriptures.

I had such a great experience at church yesterday. The sacrament has literally become the highlight of my week. Listening to the talk “That I Might Draw All Men unto Me” by Elder Dale G. Renlund helped me prepare for the sacrament. I have a difficult time focusing when Elder Aleman, or anyone else, talks about music, movies, girls, etc. People keep reminding me how soon I go home. It can be difficult to work sometimes but the sabbath day helped me renew my desire again. I want to do it because I love the Saviour.

Prayers really are answered. So humble yourself and ask already!


Elder Price

Preparation day last week