Monday, July 18, 2016

Preparation day in the rain

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We have experienced miracles this week! I have felt motivated to help people truly progress in the gospel. I have received real revelation and felt guidance in the work. I can't even count the number of times the Lord's hand has been in the work this week. Again I have noticed when we do our best and are striving for exact obedience the Lord will trust us with his children to teach. I love my Father in Heaven. 

Monday we had a couple extra minutes in town so we went to talk to people. The first person we stopped was Jack, a student here from China. He expressed his desire to learn about God but he didn’t know where to begin. In two minutes we explained our purpose, exchanged details, and set a return appointment. Two appointments later he is progressing well and his faith is growing. It's been fun to help him learn because he comes from a completely different culture. Regional indicator for United KingdomRegional indicator for China🇸🇪Regional indicator for USA

Our mission has begun using the Area Book Planner app. It was really difficult for me to adjust from using my paper planner for the first couple days. I miss my planner but I also recognise many benefits from the app. It has potential.

We've been getting to work with the members more which is fun. And Elder Aleman has improved in teaching this week. He has a lot more to say now and I credit that to him studying in Preach My Gospel with real intentions. So that makes me happier.

I was motivated by messages from General Conference about going to the rescue. In the most recent conference by an Elder Mervyn B. Arnold principle number one of rescuing is, "We must not delay going to the rescue." And "Priesthood and Personal Prayer" by President Henry B. Eyring helped me too.

I am looking forward to Zone Conference tomorrow. I'll get to see lots of friends including Elder Vieira, Elder Redd, Elder Kastner, and others.

We have had multiple conversations with people that were very convinced that we were wrong. Even when we didn't feel like they came much closer to the truth I walked away feeling so proud that I conveyed the message clearly and with confidence. I used to avoid doctrines that I wouldn't think people would agree with but not anymore. I know that this is the truth. My Father in Heaven has sent his Spirit to answer my prayers time and time again. I still have many questions but the things I do know are true. Jesus Christ is our Saviour and God has a perfect plan of happiness centred on the Atonement of Christ. He has revealed this plan in every dispensation of time. If we follow it, we will be happy. So be strong, believe, and trust in the Lord and everything will work out.

<3 Elder Price