Wednesday, August 24, 2016

23 Months!  8/24/16
I feel like I just emailed last week. So a few updates, the one family that we were hoping to teach wasn't home when we came back for our appointment. Dad asked about them so I thought I would mention it. We have a few people that seemed prepared when we taught them but then they have disappeared. So we will see what happens.

My old friend Luke, that I met with Elder Vieira, got in touch. Saturday night we were planning where we needed to be Sunday evening. I felt that we should go to try and get back in touch with Luke in the evening. RIGHT AFTER we prayed to confirm our plans, and said "Amen" we get a text from an unsaved number. I was so excited because I have been praying for this guy ever since we met. He seemed so sincere. We talked on the phone for a bit and got an appointment. Well then the next day he felt ill so we have to reschedule. But I am really hoping it works out because I want the best for him and I know the Gospel is the best!

So... tomorrow marks 23 months since I arrived in this country. That's pretty cool. It has been so challenging but absolutely worth it! I love teaching people about Jesus Christ and helping them find the joy that comes from following him.

Elder Price

Guildford District and zone leaders
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