Monday, August 1, 2016 Can Be Together Forever!  8/01/16

President and Sister Gubler came to Guildford Ward yesterday so he did
our interviews. After I found out that might've been my departure
interview... We didn't talk about going home or marriage. It was
similar to other interviews talking about myself, the work,
missionaries, and doctrine. Later he emailed something called, "My
Plan ELSM," his version of the RM programme that hasn't been released
fully yet. Then Elder Redd and I received 8 Week emails from the
office asking for notifications of any changes in our parents' contact
info, destination airport, or anything related. That was fun.

We set some stretching goals for this transfer that we are committing
to. It feels like we are turning it up a notch. I honestly believe in
the harvest. I want to be a part of it because I love Him, and I love
the people we have taught. On Saturday I loved finishing the Book of
Mormon again. That's the fourth time we have studied it as a mission.
Meaningful study of it has deepened my faith and helped me to testify
with power.

We had a spiritual lesson with a friend named Edna on Friday. I can't
be bothered to write all the details this time but finding her home
and teaching took revelation and guidance from the Lord. In a whisper
we helped her understand the message of the Restoration, because the
husband was trying to get the newborn baby to sleep in the next room.

Towards the end of the visit she mentioned how our church owns a
beautiful "White church with an angel on top" in Columbia. She had a
look of awe in here eye when we explained about eternal families and
the sanctity of the temple. Then she asked, "Who can go inside? Can
anyone go or do you have to be baptised?" What a great question! The
answer is yes to both. Anyone can go inside but they must be prepared
and baptism is the first step. Prayers for Edna and her husband will
be appreciated.

Elder Price