Wednesday, September 21, 2016

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Coming Home  9/21/16

Well this is my last preparation day. Friday I fly home. I suppose I'll be seeing many of you in a couple days but oh here might still want an update. And I will share a few thoughts I have had as I have reflected on the past two years.

We've taught quite a few people this week. It's been great! Sunday we spoke in church and President and Sister Gubler showed up to surprise us and say goodbye. We were each given 5 minutes... To share 2 years of experience. I only went over time about 2 minutes and it was super spiritual so it was alright.

Focusing has been much more difficult than I ever anticipated. We can't fall asleep at night because we are buzzing with excitement for what has happened that day. Then the next morning I wake up before six just to lie in bed awake until I realise Elder Redd is doing the same. First thing I think about when I wake up is seeing my family and then I can't fall back asleep. It'll be good to be home.

Extending with Elder Redd has been absolutely worth it. The opportunity to work alongside a friend who loves the gospel and has such a deep knowledge of it has been so rewarding. We have made some great memories in these two weeks.

Serving a mission is too difficult to describe what it's like. There has been a lot less rain than everyone told me I'd see. The diversity has surprised me, and I have learned to love that. I expected to face lots of rejection but I didn't expect so many flogged appointments and companion struggles. I have learnt way more than I'll ever need about loads of religions, and I've come to appreciate each individual's sincere belief. I learned that every single person in the world has some common needs and hungers. Everyone needs to feel loved and appreciated. Everyone needs hope for things to change for the better. Everyone needs a good example to look to.

Jesus Christ and His Gospel fulfil all of our hungers. There isn't anything that can satisfy our needs like He can. He is the Bread of Life and the Living Water. Whenever we stray from His fold He'll be calling us back because He is the Good Shepherd. With Christ nothing can ever go permanently wrong, and without Him nothing can ever go permanently right. The Book of Mormon is a powerful witness of His divinity because it is His word. I love my Saviour. I know that the only way to return to my Father in Heaven is in and through Jesus Christ. Whoever opens their heart to this truth will find greater joy than can be imagined.

For the last time formally,

Elder Jordan Price

Went through the oldest hedge maze in the world