Wednesday, September 14, 2016

temple gournds
London temple grounds

Departing missionaries

Bonus round!  9/14/16

I'm companions with my friend. The work is going well. My friend Andy
loves Christ!

Ready.... begin!

Elder Redd and I are finding and teaching pretty well in unity. When
we teach with one voice it's much more powerful. We have been able to
experience quite a few little miracles and find people to teach. We
are each speaking in church this Sunday so hopefully we can use that
to bring a few friends to church.

I've had fun being companions with my friend. The score in Catan is
currently 1-2 so he's pretty good. It's also been unusually hot. It's
humid and sticky which really drains your energy. And we are both
pretty exhausted already but the Lord will give us strength.

One of my favourite updates is about our friend Andy. He has strong
faith in Christ and he is one of the nicest guys I've ever met. Really
cool too. Well we were finally able to sit down with him Thursday
evening and have a good discussion. We talked about covenants, the
marriage relationship with Christ as the bridegroom, and the power to
make covenants. He felt the Spirit.

On Saturday Andy gave us a lift to the chapel to witness Christina's
baptism. I don't know if I've mentioned Christina but she has been
meeting with the other elders for weeks and she's converted. We went
early to give Andy a tour of the church. We were able to explain how
our church service goes, teach a bit more doctrine, and he made some
friends. After the ordinance he told us about this powerful feeling he
had when he watched the baptism. He is so sincere in his quest to
follow Christ. I love talking about faith with him because you can see
in his eyes how much it means to him personally.

I love being a disciple of the Lord Jesus Christ. There isn't anything
else that is more important than following Him. He is the way, the
truth, and the life. We each have challenges and setbacks but eternal
life will be far greater than any struggle or suffering that we need
to overcome to get there.

 Elder Price

Elder Redd and Elder Price 16 day companions both from America

Missionaries in the digital age have to sit outside Jaguar dealer to finish
lessons sometimes.

Five guys burgers

best by September 23

 Mega breakfast challenge... He got halfway and wanted to honk.

We had a great dinner with the Elder family and had a good discussion
with Adelaide in preparation for her baptism next month. Brilliant!

Elder Price